Project : Small Bedroom

14 August 2021

I have a bedroom finally! What a luxury, I can tell you that with authority as I have slept on all sorts of surfaces in the last couple of years, and none of them involved a proper bed.
I ordered myself a new bed the day I got the keys to our flat. Nothing special or expensive but it feels good to me.

I've always wanted those kind of lamps that are attached to the wall which have a little string to switch it on and make me feel like I am in a hotel. Do you think I have enough pillows?

This room is tiny, and I thought it was very dark but it turns out that was because of the wood chip wallpaper and the previous colour. It was a nightmare to get that stuff off the walls and what was underneath was also a nightmare. It really should be re-plastered throughout, but, that's not quite within my budget right now. White paint does a very good job at hiding what actually looks like the surface of the moon. That Artex ceiling is also on my hit list.

Speaking of moons, do you remember this moon from shop window a few xmases ago? I knew it would come in handy.

Furniture is mostly from Ikea, I changed the shades on the lamps. that black side-table was about £9 I think.

I changed the knobs to wooden ones on the drawers (from Ikea).

Really weird to see myself in a full length mirror, it's been a while! I am a lot shorter than 
I thought.

This room is quite shady during the day, and then suddenly illuminates after about 5pm. Through that window is the little balcony.

So glad I painted the door and changed the knobs too...

Some before and during stripping, argh a distant memory now.

I will update with more posts as soon as 
I get around to taking some more photos.
Thanks for reading!


  1. Wow, painting it white really has made it seem so much bigger. It looks lovely, very peaceful and relaxing. I'm glad you finally have a bed.

  2. You are a talented and tenacious woman! Looks fantastic

  3. Sanctuary! Have as many pillows as you want ..

  4. What a difference between the before and after pictures. You have made that room so pretty, peaceful, restful, and the white paint does make rooms bigger but also as soon as you put furniture in a room it looks bigger too, amazing.

  5. Your aesthetic is shining through!

  6. That is sooo perfect. What strength of character you have to have survived what you have been through. How ghastly the room was at first but you saw the potential. What hard work but now your pillows are divine, the bed heavenly. I love the lamps with the little cords and I remember the moon. Thank you for sharing. I wish you and your children the beginning of a new and happy future. Sorry about the previous message. My first one didn’t go through so I did a test. Hope this one works . 🌈

  7. A great transformation! A little sanctuary for yourself.

  8. Well done, you! It is delightful to have one's own bed. Congratulations!

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