Project : Hallway

15 August 2021

Our small hallway had the same treatment. Funny that it took me the same amount of time as the bedroom. The walls were even worse here, I'm grateful for Dulux Trade Emulsion which is thick as anything. Not the most interesting room I admit, but, it made so much difference to the whole flat as soon as I'd finished it. Lots of woodwork to paint too, took forever.

I bought a carpet washer and it was very satisfying! By the way, I'm not a carpet person, I always prefer floorboards. However as I think I mentioned before, it wasn't possible to pull up the whole flooring, and actually the children love the carpet. It has grown on me, and it feels so good to walk on.
I found that jute runner rug very cheaply (directly from Morocco as it happens!) and it is really good to walk on, like a mini massage, I look forward to my trips to the kitchen barefoot.

I put up some hooks for all our stuff. That redundant thermostat from older boiler is my hat hook. I will need to organise for it to be removed somewhen in the far future.

Also I had to hide the large fuse board that is so complex it looks like it could launch a shuttle in Cape Canaveral. To save paying a carpenter, I found this wooden radiator cover about the right dimensions. I'm so happy to have a very useful shelf (I will find a better mirror to hang above it).

Also I might start a new collection of Camping and Caravanning flags, although it sits on my conscience that I haven't actually toured Britain and gained them legitimately, I just like the graphics. 

Some before pictures... 
Don't let anyone tell you that cream is a 'light' colour. It saps the light out of the sun believe me.

(The front door is being replaced this week to meet fire regulations, so the leafy glass will be no more).


Zinsser stain block worked well on the (historic) damp.

I did like the pink underneath though. I'm thinking it's from the 70s.

And dear old Hugo, the inventor of wood chip wallpaper, who probably never had to strip the bloody stuff off walls in his whole lengthy life.

What a difference! it looks so much bigger, very strange.

If you've got this far with my obliteration of magnolia wood chip wallpaper, then I've got my jewellery studio coming up next!


  1. Your home really looks amazing, you've worked so hard in such a short time! It seems twice the size too :)

  2. You've increased the value of your place already with your sweat equity. Looking brilliant.

  3. You really know how to turn a house into a home, such a bright, inviting space, I love that you have a patch of green 😃

  4. You really know how to turn a house into a home, such a bright, inviting space, I love that you have a patch of green 😃

  5. What a wonderful transformation! You are so right about cream - it looks dull and drab compared to the white.


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