mr 3

2 April 2019

That's right, a big whole three years old boy. It will take about five years for it to sink in.

He is a really chilled out boy who loves things with wheels, and especially ones he can take apart and rebuild again. He will do this all day long, at his desk, with his tools.

But, he will always compliment my dress or the colour of the cushions on the sofa...he will always pick a flower on the way to the school, to put in my hair. 
He dances to the beat of his own drum.

Thinking that he will like a good vehicle on top of his cake, I got Steve McQueen's 1968 Ford Mustang from the film Bullitt. I think he will appreciate this when he is about 16.

Amazingly, it was so hot we could sit outside...a very nice way to end the day.

Happy Birthday my boy, you are doing great!


  1. Happy Birthday big boy. Gosh, I still remember when you were born a little blonde baby. xxx

  2. Happy Birthday little man, hope you had a great birthday. Love the cake and the choice of topper was inspired, given Leify's love of wheels!

  3. Anonymous2.4.19

    My boys are 24, 21, 19 and 16 years old, and believe me, it is with nostalgia that I go back to where they were 3 !! Oh that sweet mix of the love for wheels and the love for their mom, shown equally ;-) Happy Birthday, sweet Leif ! Marie from Belgium

  4. Wonderful guy, warm evening, mom in a beautiful dress .. Happiness!

  5. What a sweetheart! It looks like a lovely celebration. Can I ask what cars Leif loves to take apart the most? My boy loves cars :)

  6. Anonymous3.4.19

    I remember when both my boys were that age and loved to take cars apart and rebuild. Now they are all gown up at 19 & 20 and that's what they do full time for a job!!! Where did the time go.

  7. Suzanne Carr3.4.19

    Happy Birthday, sweet boy! Enjoy these years, Mama!

  8. Awww ... he's adorable, and has grown up SO fast. I'm sure he'll love his little cake topper for many years to come and yes, appreciate it for what it actually is, sooner than you think.

    My boys ... now 32 and 38 were both obsessed from being tiny, one with balls (any sport with a ball involved, so rugby, football, snooker etc etc) and the other with anything with wheels and engines. And now as men one is a football referee (and brilliant pool player) and the other is a HGV driver and fully qualified mechanic. So childhood loves are to be encouraged whatever they may be as they can shape the man (or girl).


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