Compton Farm Camping

10 July 2018

Apologies, this is a very long post, from a very long holiday. (in fact it was only long for us as we don't usually take more than 3 days off, and in fact we went to work/london/school from the campsite so I don't know if that counts as a holiday anyway?)
Anyhows, because of the glorious hot weather, we stayed at a local farm for nine days instead of two days. In fact we questioned whether we should go home at all seeing as we had all we needed at the farm.

Compton Farm is a beautiful campsite, with just a few facilities to keep you comfortable, and the most stunning views of white cliffs and hazy hills. It has been one if our favourites for a long time as it is quite often over-looked in favour of the more larger campsite up the road. But if it's peace and quite and proper old working farm entertainment you are looking for then this is the place to come!

We brought our camper van and little caravan (however caravans are not usually allowed in the tent field, ask the owners first if you have a tiny vintage caravan like ours otherwise there is a separate area for caravans with hook up)

I honestly love our Storm Petrel more than our house.

We pitched our camp a long way from the taps and toilets, so it was a bit of an adventure every time to get water.

P found a stick which she thought looked like a walking stick. She then proceeded to walk around the farm like a wobbly little old lady, which had us all in stitches.

In the morning the lady who runs the farm invited us to meet some of her animals.
Her cows keep having twins and if they are young mothers she sometimes helps them by taking one of them to hand rear, and give the cow a bit of a break! She fed this adorable Belted Galloway its breakfast.

And we helped to feed the chickens and turkeys (these are not going to be eaten by the way!).

And she showed us around the chicken house and P had a go in the enormous tractor!

Near by the farm is Compton Bay, which is a large sandy beach with crumbly cliffs.

Opposite the tent pitches is the meadow, and we returned to find all the grass cut down in rows, ready to be made into hay bales.

The campsite has nice hot showers, unfortunately our two kids do not like the shower and run away screaming their heads off at the mere mention. They both had a bath in the washing up tub instead.

You can access the beach from either end. The end of the beach nearest to the campsite has steep steps all the way down the cliff. It is very spectacular.

Then when you are tired, hot, sandy and in need of a cold beer, you have to climb back up with two tots in tow! (Actually Mr Leafy walked the whole lot of steps up all by himself, I was quite shocked as his legs are the length of my forearm).

I love cooking and eating in our van, it's so nice for us all to be together around a little table, with just the simple things of life.

It was scorching hot, unbearable even. We have as yet no awning for our caravan, so we made a makeshift one out of a duvet cover and some pea stick. It was hilarious but it did give us a little bit of shade.

We made a mini teepee where they ate their blueberries.

One evening we returned to find the hay bales had been made, it caused a great deal of excitement for us all, and you can't really resist the urge to dive on top of them for some reason.

Whilst P was at school, we had lunch at Colwell Bay which has colourful beach huts and crystal clear water.

The fancy cafe we wanted to go toowas fully booked! so we ended up at a different cafe and had a full english (veggie) breakfast which went down well with Monsieur Leaf.

We had dinner on a hay bale that evening although it was still so hot that the kids had to find any scrap of shade they could.

It was such a beautiful evening and dinner that we tried to take a family portrait, which as you can see didn't quite come out as I had planned

 I had tears rolling down my face looking at the that last one. It is the best ever pic, ever.

Who would have thought that Britain could produce such incredible evenings?

Then the tractor came to take them away 😭

But it really was time to go home anyway! Thank you so much for having us at Compton Farm. we will be back soon x

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