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18 July 2018

Since the world cup, we bought a new telly for our sun room/extension room next to the garden, and we realised what a nice place to sit it is. We usually have our huge dinning table in there but it doesn't get that much use. So we had a reshuffle of the furniture, and our dinning table is now in the garden and we eat outside instead as it is so lovely and hot at the moment.

This is our living room, which is sunny in the mornings but shady and cool in the afternoons...
(I found those beautiful long grass stems and rapeseed pods from a nearby farmers field).

So we used to have two sofas in there but we decided to move the one that P is sitting on all the way to the other side of the house. 
(keep meaning to hang up that clock!).

We still have a dismantled bed and a cot parked in the kitchen 😳

Tah dah!! 😂 We now have two living rooms! I don't know where to watch Poldark ; )

It does get a bit messy in this room because its the only place to dry washing, but at the moment its not too bad. I sorted out all the rooms and got rid of about 8 sacks of stuff for charity.

We need to find a better place to put our new telly, but for now its on top of our (not actually working) wood burning stove (which we one day hope to install!).

I do love to collect dead plants 😂

Due to our recent outdoor dinning in the garden, P and I have been really into cooking, especially pies!
She loves making pies with blue cheese in the middle, I made one with artichoke, red onion, smoked garlic and blue cheese.

P's 'flower' pie : )

Adult Pimm's and kiddie Pimm's!

Our neighbour is looking after a friends allotment, and she gave us home grown cucumbers, courgettes and huge round courgettes that I have never seen before!

This summer will be one to remember, it has been so hot and so dry for so long...it's like five british summers in one summer! The sea is so warm we have had jellyfish, dolphins and seals around the Isle  of Wight too!

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