I Love Wight

9 May 2018

The benefits of living on an Island are -
A: you never get lost. 
B: you are always close to a beach
C: tomatoes
D: garlic 😋

We had a beautiful sunny warm May Bank Holiday weekend so we decided to visit the other side of the Island to where my mum lives in Ventnor, sleeping in our van and spending days at the beach.

It's funny to think that when we bought our van (in 2011) we had no kids, and when eventually I was pregnant with my first babe, at 41 weeks I renovated the bunk beds with new fabric. Now it has come the time for Mr Leafy to sleep in his bunk, so now there is two up there!

We definitely have more space below now.

We are annual members of the Ventnor Botanic Gardens and I have been coming here since I was a baby. It's good to know that the kids love it as much as I do.

Especially the pond.

There happened to be a Triumph Car meet up in the car park, and Mr Leafy went absolutely bonkers and screamed like I have never witnessed before when we had to leave. It seems he is not too bothered with modern cars, but vintage cars are a whole n'other ball game.

He cried out for those 'cool cars' all the way to the beach.

This is Steephill Cove, only accessible by foot. I have never in my life seen it so busy!

...and the most beautiful sunset over Ventnor Haven.

Ventnor Park has a pretty little stream running throughout it that is nice for the littles to cool off. There are also toilets and a kiosk serving food and tea (just so y'know).

The views along the Military Road (the only straight road on the Island 😂) are stunning!
We have some friends also moving down from London to the Island soon...I think they made the right decision.

For lots of info and photos of the Isle of Wight, visit my misters website >

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