first camp of 2018

27 April 2018

Finally! It felt so good to be back out getting some proper air into our lungs again and a bit of sun on our skin.

We quickly went camping before the weather changed its mind, although it was tricky working it around P's school day. We went to Stoats Farm, which is just down the road from our house, nothing too adventurous!

We collected P from school and did a bit more packing and then we arrived, and they ran around until way past bed time. 

 We had a pretty simple dinner of veggie sausages and potatoes, with Isle of Wight tomatoes (the best in the world y'know, we have tomato juice for blood I think we eat so many of them).

Mr Leafy brushing his teeth free range style (P found his discarded toothbrush in the middle of the field)

It's not easy getting excited kids to sleep in a tent on a school night, but surprisingly they slept all night through! P's school uniform smelt of campfire smoke ; ) But she went to school with unbrushed hair and grass stains on her dress.

They woke around 6am, all smiles jumping on me.

We had a lovely day on the beach.

I found a tiny geode crystal inside a rock.

Nao took P out on his new paddle board.

which she loved until she suddenly fell in!

P, C-in-C hot choccie


It's GOT to be done.

In the evening we heard that the pizza van would be at Freshwater Bay (just down the road) and it seemed all the locals heard that was so busy in the Bay and there was a bit of a party atmosphere with lots of our friends turning up with fish and chips and beer and wine.

More tomatoes! he loves them : )

It did get pretty chilly when the sun went down, and that ended our heatwave in the UK, but we had two nights camping and we made the most of it!

Thank you to my mister Nao, for all of the lovely pics.

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