Yule 2017

8 December 2017

We've had a pretty hectic December so far with lots of scary illness and chest infections, so to have put up some decorations seems like an heroic achievement to me at the moment!
It is always a very busy time of the year in many ways, with jewellery orders needing to be made and posted and a shop to decorate and a kids to entertain. But I do love this time of the year, oh yes I doooooo!

We still had our chalkboard up on the chimney breast so I thought I'd sort of incorporate it into our midwinter festivities. It looks like a wreath but also a moon? Also I like the way the rubbed out chalk looks a bit intergalactic.

I loved making this wreath out of dead things from our garden and neighbouring marshland.

Our tree is a tiddler!

My wine drinking spot.

Our very unimpressed vintage tiger.

My favourite bit is this owl looking over us! As you probably know by now, we don't celebrate Jesus, our tree is based on the ancient celebration of yule and so we decorate using animals and natural plants. Evergreens are thought to bring good luck as people thought they were magic because they didn't turn brown in the winter.

In the calendar drawers are one chocolate and one tiny car for you know who.

So that's as far as I've got, for those of you who are interested I will post some more festive pictures as I work my way throughout the house.

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