London in May

3 June 2017

We have been on a few adventures of late...ending up in the Portobello area of London one evening on a sticky sweaty hot car ride from the Island...I was in search of a particular minerals shop but unfortunately they did not allow photos, alas my story of it will end here. shame. but we did have a pleasant stroll about with two sticky tots in tow.

As sure as day becomes night, if I step foot in a shop that interests me, a certain four year old will yell 'toileeeeeet' in 0.2 seconds.

She finds half dead flowers on the street and will treat them as if they are the most treasureful treasure that ever could be...

We found some nice shops, like Pedlars...and the Cloth Shop where they kindly let us borrow their toilet.

In the sweltering London heat (21 degrees) we headed towards some water, the canal walk towards the water fountains at Kings Cross, which I must say is an exceedingly nice way to spend a day, and very well recently developed.

Industrial relics turned into a beautiful garden...

And this lock and victorian lock keepers cottage set against a towering brand new metropolis.

The kids went bonkers for this, we were there until sunset.

During this trip we had a few formalities to attend to at the Japanese Embassy, and so that led us to Green Park, which is a very lovely little park quite quiet compared to the bigger Hyde Park next door.

Mr Leafy beheaded some daisies and gave them to me, I weeped like a baby.

We found a nice cafe in Hyde Park with lovely playground. 

...and then we found the Princess Diana Memorial Fountain, and P announced that she even preferred it to the Kings Cross water fountains. We were all very impressed with it and stayed until it closed.

P and I found a lovely stall in the market selling Japanese things. We loved everything but didn't buy anything, which is often the way when one loves everything I think?

I did buy some plants from Grace and Thorn though, and P found a half dead flower treasure on the floor which they allowed her to keep. So she was happy for the rest of the day.

On the ferry back home was the most beautiful sunset and we were all glad to be home.

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