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20 May 2017

I had a bit of a re-shuffle of our living room recently. Our littlest one was no longer in need of his play pen (which was actually this cot from Ikea), so I sawed it off, and made it into a sort of day bed! He can still have his naps on it, but he can also choose books to read and have his milk there too. We found having a play pen invaluable when also looking after our four year old, as it was so handy to have a safe place to put him. Now he's getting to understand dangers around him, and his mobility is pretty good now too. The living room feels a bit more grown up now, although we still have a ton of toys in there, hidden in baskets ; )

My plants tend to move around the house. They do prefer the steamy bathroom (where I put them during xmas as they are not really xmassy aren't they?), but are a bit hidden away in there.

I love the colours of my new crystals. I don't really believe/understand the whole healing aspect of them (which I'm sure could all be true), I just love the beauty of them. I think I am really drawn to anything sparkly. I do much prefer gems in their natural form.
The gold snake ring is from RUST Jewellery, from our 2008 collection. And my mister gave me this ring on my 30th birthday. It has ruby eyes! I'm thinking that we should re-introduce the snakes back into our shop!

I'm growing a few cuttings in water too...the geranium is really going for it, even with buds on!

So I am always struggling to de-clutter and tidy up the constant wave of kids paraphernalia, our bedrooms are small so the kids don't spend much time in there at all, hence most of their toys are downstairs. I don't mind though, because when they have grown up and left home, I will be sad that the house feels all empty 😂

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