the beginning of december

2 December 2016

What a beautiful start to december we had over here! Bright crisp days and frosty mornings. Sadly we have been indoors through most of the lovely weather with various nasty bugs...but we are really lucky that we have this on our doorstep so even a very ill me ventured outside with the camera and get back indoors before my tea went cold.

We live on an estuary which has a mill and a mill stream with sluice ponds that fill up from the river Yar. The ponds are covered in reeds and lots of different water birds. They ponds froze over yesterday.
This big red brick building is the mill itself, apparently you can stay there, it looks incredible inside...a real relic.

My mister took these when the sun came up and began to melt the frost...

(those two swans are not as angelic as they look!)

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