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27 November 2016

Since I had baby L, I kept him in our room next to me, but, our room is very small so I had to climb over the bed to get him in and out of his cot. I didn't like the idea of him stuffed in a corner, so I moved his cot in with his sister, which is also a tiny room but with a smaller person in it. 
It required a massive clear out and moved out some furniture to accommodate his cot and his chest of drawers. Finally things are feeling a bit more civilised and the room is now called the 'kid's' room!
He is 8 months old and normally sleeps through the whole night (except at he moment he is a bit out of kilter due to us all having the norovirus which he suffered badly from). But I guess I will have to bunk down in this room as and when the need arises. I was really amazed that I could actually fit two kids in the tiny room, so I thought I'd show yous all how it is now...

Books are the main issue here, but little P was quite decisive about which ones could go to the charity shop. I managed to fit all her toys under the bed, thanks Ikea.

Baby L's drawers which I painted trees on, are also from good ol'Ikea...

Not too bad, but wait till they get older! I think we will have to move house then : (

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