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24 October 2016

Time for a bit of a catch up as I lost my blogging mojo for a few weeks ; )
We have been on a family trip to London, all four of us. It was tough at times, but the littlest one was as good as gold. We had some work and bits to do as usual, but the rest of the time we just enjoyed being in the big city.

Little L is at the age where he eyes up everything we eat. He is eating really well now actually, no teeth yet.

We visited Kempton market, on a crispy bright day. The little paper bag she has got is full of old marbles that she found.

We bought this amazing Europe sign for our house!

...and this beautiful old map of Britain, getting a bit too political in our decor perhaps ; )

I bought a couple of these french newspapers for displaying our jewellery.

Toastie break...

I LOVE these enamelled cups and saucers I found.

After that we went to Chiswick house. I often mention the same places on my blog but I love looking back and seeing the tots grow each time they visit...its like time-lapse.

It's a really stunning garden and there is a great cafe and playground and a big pond with ducks too!

Nao took P to the leather workshop and leather wholesaler where he has his leather goods made up. She loves going there!

We also went to the London Aquarium. May have to re-mortgage the house to pay for the entrance fee though : |

It was amazing in there though, little L squeaked and giggled all the way through it!

Some more posts coming up shortly! (hopefully)

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