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21 August 2016

We took our caravan out for the first time, just locally on the Isle of Wight, so I thought I'd post some pictures here of what it is like to stay in it.

The evening was stunning and this campsite is perfect for letting your littluns run about until they collapse.

Our littlest tot is 5 months old now, he is an amazingly chilled out baby. Of course that could all change next week, but for now we are enjoying it! He smiles all the time and seems to already display quite a sharp sense of humour.

I thnk the kids love the caravan and P has changed her mind about wanting to sleep in the camper van instead!

At night it is the cosiest little place in the world.

We towed it with our Morris Traveller this time.

It's a hard life! can even buy fish and chips at the campsite on wednesdays ; )

I gave our babe a bath in this tub, it was a treat to use the tiny bathroom in actuality. 
I wanted to get a photo of him in the tub but as he is not yet sitting up, it was near impossible to hold him and the camera at the same time. He is slippery like a huge bar of soap!

Clean bub and the tub.

I can't wait for more adventures to come!


  1. Looks idyllic! Is is just me or is there a (faded) print of a wolf's face on your dress in the 12th photo - on the left side...?

  2. Ah, storm petrel looks like the cosiest of havens. I am so impressed you towed it with your Morris Traveller, I am more used to towing my Traveller!!!! Happy days...gorgeous pics... x

  3. Great! lovely time :)

  4. I think i've already told you a million times...I adore visiting your blog because it always feels like a vacation: it is relaxing and refreshing. And isnpiring, most of all.

  5. Anonymous22.8.16

    You live a charmed life. Thanks so much for sharing it with us poor land-locked lubbers!

  6. So beautiful and cozy. Reminds me of my childhood camping trips we took in a caravan. Can I ask you, how do you arrange the sleeping of little ones in the caravan since there are no additional bulk beds for them?

  7. As always Artemis...stunning shots, especially Pehr in the daisies and clean little man. It looks very much like Storm Petrel's first outing was a success.

  8. Oh these pics make me feel so homesick (in a good way!). You look like you had so much fun :) I love your embroidered dress too!


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