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4 February 2016

The time is coming that I have to start thinking about where to put our new baby when it arrives. I have quite a while to go yet, but I have been working a lot, and looking after our daughter, and any free time I get I am usually trying to rest a bit because I'm already not very mobile anymore! So I thought I should try and do as much as I can now whilst I am still able to ; )
A week or so ago (my blog posts have gained a slight back log lately!) I gutted out our bedroom of unwanted stuff and cleaned it thoroughly. I put up the cot (which we had already) and rearranged things as to make it easier for night feeds etc...

I had intended to removed one side of the cot and raise the level to match our bed as a kind of co-sleeper, but unfortunately our bed is a tad too high and I didn't think it would be safe so I left it as it was. Still easy enough I think, last time I just used a moses basket on a stand next to our bed in the beginning, which was also fine.

I made a mobile for the impending infant, last time I made this one for our daughter and she still has it above her bed now that she is 3 1/2 years old! This one is made from wool felt, gold lame fabric and I used printer fabric to make a little padded moon for the middle. The revolving musical box at the top, I made a felt jacket type thing for so that I can change the batteries easily (its an electric version, so much easier!).
I also made a matching cushion from the same fabrics...

I bought a new feeding cushion (the other one is 'somewhere' is our big storage shed!) which is the one with stars on, and the nightlight and things below, were from the babe's xmas stocking! (aka, me)

Because babies tend to munch on everything, I like to use only natural rubber and unpainted wood for their toys and teethers. That bear is pretty much edible in fact!

We are REALLY pushed for space in our bedroom, so I'm using this Ikea trolly for all the baby stuff...clothes, and nappy changing things on the top tier.

To brighten the room up a bit, I made a new curtain, which is actually one of the muslin swaddles I bought recently! It was just the right size and I like the texture of the cotton.

This is where everything else went! ; ) ....

(annoying off-centre fire place...)

So, I have washed the new baby clothes, but have yet to wash the bedlinen, will do that soon. I have made some other bits and bobs, and prepared downstairs baby sleeping quarters (because they tend to sleep downstairs most of the time in fact! or just wherever I am mostly) which I will hopefully show yous a bit later.

For now I have to crack on with proper work things, I hope I get another day to do baby preparations soon, fingers crossed! 

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