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2 March 2013

*Warning the following post contains baby related subject matter (again!).

So, we had planned to move out of our rented one bedroom flat when our daughter was 6 months old, so we had her sleeping in a moses basket instead of buying a proper cot when she was born. But, it looks like we may be staying put for a bit longer, and Pehr is growing out of her basket (she's 4.5 months at the moment), so we purchased an actual cot, which was strangely exciting for me. 

I looked for a used or vintage cot, but either they were exactly the same as the modern wooden ones, or they had lead paint which would have to be removed, or had to be collected from miles away and so forth. In the end, we found a modern cot for just £35 squid at Ikea no less. I had intended to paint it, put it hasn't happen yet!

Because our place is rented, we cant hang anything from the ceiling or walls which is a pain in the bum. BUT I found a nice wooden mobile clamp which comes with a revolving music box that fixes on the side of the cot. Its not cheap (£25), but Im planning to make it into a lamp when Pehr has no need of it anymore.

I set about making a mobile for her cot. (btw, I bought some replacement wooden poles to make the mobile arm thingy much higher over her cot for safety reasons)

so...I painted some twigs,  made a whale out of wool felt, and some colourful fishies...

'scuse my wobbly embroidery

and I made a cloud to cover the (white plastic) musical box, with a hole cut out at the back for the winding knob.

So, after massive clearance of all my dirty socks, random dust filled shoes, piles of washing and such like, I managed to squeeze a 'nursery' into our bedroom. I put up some star lights because Pehr loves illuminated things.

The alphabet cubes I made before.
The lampshade from the antiques market from the other day...(My mister sprayed a cheapo lamp base grey)

after making the mobile whale, I made a larger squidgey toy whale out of a wool jumper from a charity shop (50p) and used the chime out of a cheap toy I already had, inside the whales belly. It has a blue Liberty print hanging loop which is meant to be his blowhole (is blowhole a rude word?) and I also embroidered on it too but you can barely see it  : |

So on the whole, I think Im actually quite chuffed with my efforts, and it feels a lot more civilised in our flat now. When I was a tot, I shared a room with THREE older brothers. Yes, I survived to tell the story.
But hopefully soon we will have a nice little room for our little'un to make noise play about in.

She slept her first night in the cot last night. Although she woke up a few times (rolling about and losing her blankets) she seems really excited with it!

Off on a bit of a tangent, but just as i was taking these pics, a parcel turned up at the door for Pehr! Its from a mrs. M. Hare.

soooo beautifully wrapped, it is a piece of art!...and inside...a wooly rabbit egg cosy! gorgeous, thank you Vicar x

Just wondering, do any of you's have a nipper living in a one bedroom flat with you? I'd love to know how you've coped. We feel like sardines...even though she's really small, she has lots of stuff already. Drawers, changing table, floor play area, nappy and assorted cleaning equipment storage, toys, books, chair...goodness me! (I love it though ; ) x

*I know its very annoying when people go on and on about their sprogs! But it is kinda hard to avoid.

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