Midwinter festivities at our house

27 December 2015

Happy Midwinter peoples! Ahhh what a lovely time of the year, and I have already notice the days are a little (a few minutes) longer each day! Now that all the pressies are unwrapped and left overs consumed, I am now ready to start thinking about decluttering the house, sorting out those diy bits to do like painting over stains on walls and putting up shelves! I need to get the house sorted for our new family member, although I (hopefully) have a couple of months to do this. I have already ordered a moses basket and stand and some other bits and bobs that we found useful last time. All very exciting! Here is a little recap of our xmas day and boxing day, and a very happy toddler who keeps hugging us every 2 seconds! (Im not complaining about this!!!).

Whilst the veggies were burning roasting in the oven, I made this quick candelabra type thing with some off cuts from the garden and some xmas tree candles. It brought a certain 'medieval' flavour to our dining table!! ha ha
Ooops, these pics are not in order!...pressies happened in the morning...
I LOVE this paper my mister printed for his pressies...

I got a bed tray and a brass service bell!! and a blanket, candles, and a massage at our local health club!...nice thinking ; )

The evidence.

Our tot LOVED the whole stocking thing, and she FINALLY got what she's been asking Santa for all year! (actually it said 'This is Buzz Lightyear reporting for duty' before she'd even unwrapped it!!!)

It is a brilliant toy I must say, I love his quizzical eyebrow!

Xmas dins with just us three! (We had a big xmas dinner with all the fam on the 21st)

Boxing Day walk at a very blustery Castlehaven...

I got her that jumper for xmas, it was hand knitted all the way up there on Scalpay. From one Island to another!

St.Catherines Lighthouse looking moody and spectacular as always.

Back to The Buddle Inn, the oldest smugglers inn on the Island.

A walk in the woods for hot choccie and mince pie with her Dad ( whilst I stayed in bed!! ha ha )

Totally 'cream crackered'!! Happy New Year! 
...and best wishes for all those people who's homes were flooded and xmasses ruined in the UK. I hope you are all safe at least xxx


  1. Looks like you had a wonderful Holiday! A few years ago a little kid from our church ran up to me to show me his new Buzz Lightyear...he said.."See my Buzz Light Beer"! LOL Looks like Pehr loves hers too!

    Peace to all of you!

  2. I got that exact same Buzz Lightyear for my 40th birthday this year! Bought off our local equivalent of ebay. I love him.
    Gorgeous pics. Merry Christmas and happy New (exciting!) Year ahead.

  3. Happy Midwinter! It looks like you had a beautiful holiday

  4. Happy midwinter and new year to you all

  5. Idyllic! Wishing you and your family a very happy new year..........


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