a toddler's xmas

22 December 2015

As I've mentioned a few times before, I'm not a 'cooking' person, I bake a birthday cake once a year and thats it. However I loved cooking when I was little and used to make so many things that I can't remember how to make now! Our littlun has suddenly become very capable of doing so many things, in fact it's hard to do anything without her there, with her chair to stand on saying 'I wanna do that!!' over and over. So I thought it would be nice to make some xmassy things with her and maybe some presents to give out to family at our xmas/winter solstice dinner.

We first made some mince pies, just using ready made puff pastry and mince meat from a jar. Can't really go wrong with that! I was really surprised how well she listed to instructions and carefully made up the pies all herself. I was quite taken a back to be honest! (hence this blog post ; )

Well, they did sort of explode in the oven, but apart from that they were really tasty, and I like the rustic look ; )

She made a reindeer and stars with apricot jam on, with the off-cuts.

So a few days later I thought we'd make some really simple shortbread biscuits. Just butter, sugar, flour (and we added some vanilla paste too). She really enjoyed it, I just supervised really, she did it all herself!

We doubled the quantity, so I did cut out one sheet of stars and she did the other sheet of stars.

Then at the oven hob, we melted chocolate chips together and she spooned the chocolate over some of the biscuits and sprinkled them with hundreds and thousands. The other ones she dusted with 'snow'.

She also made some fox and bear ones for her cousin too..

I am SO proud of her, how she concentrated and listened and enjoyed cooking so much, so I will make this a more frequent activity.
She put them in some little bags and I cut out labels, I had to do the stamping as she found that a bit tricky, and I helped her to sign her name on each packet.

She took them to Granny's house in this basket, with a big beaming smile on her face!

We also made wrapping paper together and she made some little painted wooden badges with glitter and sequins on to put with her xmas cards for family.

playing with clay...(she made some xmas tree decorations, see pic on my instagram).

She made these cards with her Dad, I love the trees! ...and the painted box ; )

So even though we've been very rushed this xmas, and I have not been feeling my best, one way or another, we have managed to have some fun together. Now we can relax and enjoy the longer days coming, and the pressies under the tree, and Santa coming of course!!

Happy Winter Solstice everyone! I will look forward to the sunrise tomorrow.

p.s. We tried to have a little walk today, but he wind near took us off our feet! There is a huge storm out there, so we just looked out of the window at the sky and the sea instead ; ) xxx

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