21 October 2015

Three is a great age to be if you ask me. At least it looks like a lot of fun looking at my littlun. It was her birthday last week and my mister and I mustered up a tiny bit of energy to make it a little bit of a birthday celebration...but I really did the minimum I could.

I didn't make her any pressies myself this year sadly, but I just found a few things that I thought she'd love. Toys are like books to me, they stimulate imagination and creativity, so I try to choose toys that I think have a story, or encourage her to learn or move. In fact I think those are the toys kids like the best, they get bored of other ones! 
I found this 1970s Fisher Price record player on Ebay, I thought she wouldn't understand what it was (as we don't have one at home) but she 'got it' straight away, and is a bit obsessed with switching the records over. It's a great little toy which seems to attract as many adults as children ; )

My mister loves kid's vehicles, he got her this vespa, and added a few of his own upgrades...

V.I.N plate

Tool pouch (that is designed to carry exactly TWO oaty bars).

mud flap.

bottle carrier

personalised number plate ; )

Our tot is in love with Toy Story, and has been asking Father Christmas (on the phone) for a Buzz for almost a year now, for now, I treated her to a Bullseye the horse to go with her Jessie who she loves too.

Then we went to have pancakes for breakfast at the cafe, followed by a trip to the Monkey Haven  with her best buddy.

On the weekend we had a very low effort party, with just family. It was lovely and she was so excited about her party that she wanted to practice receiving guessed at the front door before they arrived!

I suppose she will have to make the most of this time left as an only child, I can't see myself making two cakes per year!

p.s. I was really disappointed with my cake this year, I'll stick with my original vanilla cake recipe next year : (

p.p.s I am so tired.

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