26 October 2015

Halloween is not something I've ever really celebrated in my life, not sure why? I have lately been doing a little research to find out what is really all about...and I was quite surprised to read about its true origins from the north of Britain and Ireland. You can read about Samhain here.
I suppose I'm not much interested in the time of year for slaughtering cattle, or imagining that dead relatives are invited for supper, but I do like that Autumn does mark the boundary between summer and the darker months, and some history explains that it was sometimes perceived as the new year.
You can sort of see all this happening in the woods...things dying, turning to seed. Harvest time, animals gathering supplies for winter etc...
I sometimes feel like doing the same during Autumn, so it is a kind of 'new start' of the year in a way.

We love the pine forest near to our house, but sadly these were planted during the 60s and are not indigenous. They carpet the floor and block out many natural species. However, I love them so much (and the red squirrels seem to like them too!).

In the spirit of this, we decided to 'decorate the dead', by painting leaves with lots of glitter ; )

Happy Halloween People!

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