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4 July 2015

The first camping trip of the year was a little late due to all our shop to-doings, we decided to have a couple of nights camping at our local campsite Compton Farm here on the Isle of Wight to enjoy the heatwave that was forecast. We had the strange notion to go in our tiny Fiat. Why? I dunno.

We managed just about to squeeze in our bare necessities  (obviously we could have just taken a couple of sacks and some matches if we were really serious) including our new 3 metre bell tent, not yet slept in! This tent is a metre smaller than our other one, and thus a tad easier to squeeze into a micro car. Our toddler is also squeezed in (although a little hidden behind her sleeping bag in this pic).

There is a bit of extra storage on the back...

Our littlun LOVES this car.

Strangely, our smaller tent looks the same size as our big one when the fiat is in the same pic...

The first day of our local camping holiday was beautiful weather, so we made the most of it at Colwell Bay, our favourite beach not far from where we live.

Crystal clear water and blue sky...why do people go on holidays abroad? ; )

First proper swim of the year, plus the first time to use my new 1960s towelling jacket that I bought at Spitalfields market for a tenner. It's got seagulls and lighthouses on it. Enough said.

We had nice weather that evening, but our tot was a bit too full of energy and didn't go to sleep until about 11pm so we were all a bit frazzled.

This farm is usually pretty peaceful and the actual farm bit has lovely chickens, turkey and geese.

...and a massive bull (that apparently escaped into the campsite the day before we arrived!)
...he is very friendly bull.

there is a small play area with a huge seesaw.

and some interesting locals...

That night a big storm rolled in very fast, we were nice and snug in our tent so we just enjoyed the dramatic scenery.

(my mister legging it into the tent as the downpour began ; )

live weather report

 The morning was nice and calm and another nice day looked on the cards...

 (we are not the only ones with impractical cars) ...although I would argue that this looks better than practical ; )

We headed to nearby Freshwater Bay which is a pebble/sand beach with dramatic white cliffs. The sea was really rough.

...next stop Warren Farm for the BEST cream tea in the world...

Whilst we were away, some hay bales appeared in our camping field, one had even rolled down the hill near to our tent! crikey : |

We had another late toddler to bed scenario, and as we watched a spooky fog roll towards at running pace, we decided that we'd head home the next day.

Back to work now, I'll be working on a new jewellery collection next week to celebrate the opening of our shop. The collection is called ...Isle of Wight!! Happy summer peeps xx

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