Wild Wight

1 December 2014

We are lucky to live in the wild west of the Isle of Wight, it suffers from the worst of the storms and high winds reached 99mph at the Needles last winter. With some of the highest cliffs on the island, it also has some of the most low level areas and inland river too, we were just a few metres away from the floods last winter, eek!

But after all the extremes, the ones I like are the extreme sun sets that we have, the view from Totland and Colwell on the westerly tip of the island, are always beautiful in the evening no matter the weather or time of the year, so we often take our dinner in the car and eat it looking at the view of the sea and the sky. Sometimes venturing out for a little stroll on the beach, sometimes not.

When I was a tot, I used to come to Totland bay and it was all sandy and the pier was beautiful. Like so many things on the Isle of Wight, the true treasures have been neglected in favour of the naff side of the tourist trade. I remember there used to be a lovely boat house at the end of this pier and an artist was using it as his painting studio. so sad that its gone now.

There was also a big landslip here and the sea wall collapsed, nature sure is an expensive business here too...so much of the island has to be constantly repaired after land corrosion, some people even lost their homes.

We love it here though, with all it's issues, the Isle of Wight will always be a really special place like no other. 360 degree costal views and every beach looks different : )


  1. Oh I love the sea so much! I can just hear the waves on that shingle beach... You are so lucky to be living with it close at hand!

  2. What beautiful photos! I don't know the Isle of Wight much at all, but have in-laws there, so I'll have to catch the boat sometime.

  3. So stunning! We also live right by the beach where i grew up and although it is now a marine reserve, all the beautiful farmland and park that surrounded it has recently been turned into high housing development. I actually cried the first time I went down there after they cut all the trees down and made it look like a barren wasteland!
    p.s I don't comment often but your blog is up there with my absolute favourites!

  4. Oh so beautiful! I feel very homesick for the sea right now but your pictures bring joy and the sound of waves ;-)

  5. Such a beautiful serene place!
    And the little girl is the most adorable little girl!! <3 <3

    X, Carina
    Running White Horses


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