making xmas decorations

10 December 2014

Lots of wintery projects have been going on in our house so far, it's great that the littlun can get involved too (well I don't have much choice actually ; )

Whilst we put some potatoes on the fire to roast (for the first time!) we got on with some projects...

We made a starry wreath type thing with a moon in the middle. I cut out stars from a Farrow and Ball sample card thing, and some I covered in glitter. The moon I photocopied from an old book and mounted it on card and cut it out.

I loved glueing glitter all over some feathers too, think I'll be doing some more of that!

My mister helped punch stars out of old wall paper to make a garland. In fact we made a bout half a mile of it! I found the punch online, I think it was shipped from America?

We managed to get our tree up yesterday. It's a bit smaller than last year, but I'm very happy with it. As usual, we bought it from a local xmas tree grower here on the Island.

the littlun wanted to sleep under it as soon as the lights were on!

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