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14 December 2014

Now I'm a parent I realise that Christmas needs to be created by someone, and when you have a little one, that responsibility lands on you. Unfortunately this is the time of the year that I suffer the most from the dark days and the lethargy that it brings. I have tried to keep myself busy as a way to distract from the winter blues, and it does work, but then I swing from happiness, to misery in the blink of an eye. I kind of have to force myself to get busy, but once I am busy, then I'm on a roll!
When I was little, times were hard for us as a family, but the xmasses are really the best memories I have, it was magical...and for kids it's really important to feel that magic I think.

This is our tree. It's a little one, its in a basket and on our sledge this time. I made some star garlands out of wallpaper this year, and also some pom-poms (which smell like sheep, I love it!). The felt leaves and acorns I made last year. The star on the top I made out of an old fish finger box! I covered it in glitter. There are a few treasured critters on there too...whale, fox and new for this year...a barn owl (our annual purchase from Liberty's). All in all, I like our tree very much

we always get out the angel chimes every year, and our littlun loves them, I had them when I was a tot too. The other carousel is made of 9ct gold sheet, cut by handsaw by my mister for her first birthday, the animals spell out her name!...its a treasure.

I made the stocking last year out of an old cashmere scarf.

The gold things around the bottles are tiny metal maple leaves from the model shop!
The bottles are old beer bottles from the market, I love the rusty wire stoppers.


we have more blankets than we know what to do with! Me and my mister can't resist a nice blanket.

this is the first star wreath I made with gold glitter and pheasants feathers.

This is our desiccator, we found it in the antique market...its for drying out scientific samples, yes.
I made it into a snow scene!

Our nipper stuck those felt snowflakes and the window, I'm very impressed!

So now that I am slowly cleaning the house and putting up decorations, I feel better. The look on our daughters face helps a lot. 
She phones Father Christmas everyday to tell him if she's been naughty. She demands the xmas tree lights are switched on at breakfast time. She sings xmas songs in the car and has been devouring her body weight in mince pies and chocolate coins (well not really but it seems like that!). It can't get any better!

 Ho ho ho!!! x

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