Happy Ēostre

20 April 2014

So it's Ēostre at our house! Last year we celebrated our first Easter as we never celebrated it when I was a kiddo.
To me Easter is all about new life and plants growing and the days getting longer...very nice. I'm not associating it with any religious aspect.

We thought it would be nice to invite some family over and have an egg hunt in the garden for the little'uns. I tried my hand at making some decorations in a bit of a rush. Sellotape twig tree anyone?

And we put our tent up too.

our neighbour made the most amazing chocolate cake...

I was hoping that our kiddo would like collecting chocolate rabbits and eggs and putting them in the bucket, but all was very serious and she ran off to sit and scoff them on her own every time she found one!

In the afternoon we went to see the duck race in the river. It's where they put a load of rubber ducks in for a race and some are dressed up by local pubs and businesses...

My brothers entered a rowing contest but they lost to the RNLI. Oh well ; )

and our nipper wore her fox dress I made the other day...

Now it's sunday and I am feeling hungover and a tad over indulged in chocolate. Hope you are all having a very peaceful day! x

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