a trip to the market (and stuck in Chiswick)

17 April 2014

So our plan was to travel to London to do some work, then the next day, travel down to Sussex for the Antiques market and then go camping. BUT, we brokedown on the way to our workshop, in Chiswick. Luckily this happened on the doorstep of a garage, who fixed our van (replaced alternator) within 24 hours. So we found ourselves marooned in Chiswick for a day...but by lucky hap, that's where one of my favourite places in London is...Chiswick House & Gardens.

A lot of stressing, but dealines were met, and all was calm. Sadly we missed the trade day at the market and had to go on the public day, so we thought most of the gems would have gone, but we managed to find some nice things for our house for not much monies.

Our nipper LOVED the market, oh my gosh, it must be in her DNA.
She found a cash till for £5

a wooden duck for £1 which she was determined to drag around the market and get in the way of everyone ; )

and also a nice glass paperweight with a flower inside it (which I forgot to photo). She said 'fwower' then kissed it and cuddled it. I love her taste. In total she spent £9.

After all that junk hunting, a lie in the sun with some light refreshments is needed.

(we bought those cups in the market by the way)

...and then she managed to pick up the camera, turn it on and take this pic of me, which I think sums up the mood nicely.

a few things we found...

1920s dress for the Nipper (she needs to grow a bit for this one)

a picnic set which we really only wanted the thermos flask from, but it has gown on me actually!

a giant recorder, stool, trophy cup, pull-a-long duck and amazing paint set.

a frame for Tokyo shop display, turquoise ballet shoes for Moi, and an orange cardi for Little'un.

an apron, fish mould, tiny glass in a wicker case and we bought a batch of those old jam jars, which quite frankly, I can never have enough of.

wooden truck bought by Dad (I think this was the most expensive thing we bought actually)

Bench/table type thing & cash till (which needs a bit of work!).

an ickle table for Nipper's room.

a French lunch tin with original label...

...Which we were excited to hang on our new kitchen hooks that my Mister recently put up above our sink.

three deck chairs...

and one of my faves...a Baby Bio hat!

Crikey! Even thats not all, but I think I should stop now.

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