a beach in the woods

7 September 2013

Amongst the woodlands and heathlands...

...if you look hard enough...

you'll find a sandy beach.

which is nowhere near the sea...

you can go swimming, and build sand castles

and bury Dad's keys in the sand whilst he is reading about cars.

a really lovely day out from sticky London on this hot September day.

In fact there are many beautiful ponds and lakes in Surrey to explore. One day we will spend more time walking through the woods to see what we'll find.
We did come across this peaceful lake away from the crowds (but this one is not for swimming in!)

on the way home we spotted these nice doggies, waiting patiently whilst their owner was chatting and drinking with his chums.

The first pond with the beach is called Frensham Great Pond, which is in Surrey, and near to Guildford. It seems to be very well known about by the locals so I think it gets really busy on the weekends (we went during the week so it was ok) so be warned, but there are quiet spots to be had away from the beach part. There is a cafe, toilets and car park next to it. There are other a few places to swim in that pond so take a look at the map. There is another little pond too which we didn't go to but also looks nice.
The other lake I don't know where exactly it was, but there are a few similar around the area.

We happed across this place because we went to see a car for sale near by which we were contemplating buying. Sadly we were told the car had sold at last minute. We didn't want to waste such a lovely day and I had a vague memory about a pond with a beach in the area. Its funny how you find such nice places when things are not going to plan.


  1. Your pictures always look so dreamy... simply beautiful.

  2. Up the road from me!

  3. Ah this place is very close to where my in-laws live, we've been a couple of times and it is lovely for little ones. Just up the road is another nice place called Tilford and there's a stream running under a bridge just by the village green (where there's often a cricket match on a Sunday), the kids are all paddling and playing in it and there's a fairly decent pub on the corner. Very picturesque and quintessentially English. :)
    (Is that a little 'pear' cozi your tot is wearing?... cute!) x

  4. This place looks amazing, your photos are absolutely stunning! Such a great find! I'll have to try and visit next Summer!

  5. Liz Thomas7.9.13

    What a treat for me to start my day seeing such lovely people and places....thank you

  6. OH SIGH! I MISS Surrey. I was brought up there and now live around 700 miles away from it. Beautiful (homesick inducing) photos. Hoping to make a visit to my parents there in November. It has been YEARS.Holly.x


  7. Looks like a wonderfull day after all. Lovely pictures.
    Hope you're weekend is like that as well. Here (in the Netherlands) it's raining cats and dogs at the moment.
    Best whishes, José

  8. Ahhh this is my neck of the woods, Frensham certainly is a lovely day out but you're right in saying it's hectic at sunny weekends! Little pockets of quiet can be found off the beaten tracks, a great variety of wildlife there too, I always have to jump over a sunbathing snake or two! Beautiful photographs as always!

  9. Lovely surroundings. It would have been a pity not to have checked out the place! Well done :)!

    ***Take care!***


  10. Such a beautiful part of the world. Looks like the perfect day out.
    Sophie x

  11. oh what a lovely find! gorgeous photos as always, love the one of your feet together! x

  12. All your pictures are so beautiful, thanks for sharing.

  13. Lovely photographs - I love the three pairs of Daddy, Mummy and baby sized feet.
    My parents used to take us to Frensham ponds when we were children. I recognised it straight away.
    I have a photo of myself paddling with my dress tucked in my knickers - a long,long time ago!


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