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13 January 2013

A trip to Kew Gardens to warm our bones. I love those cacti...I almost feel embarrassed looking at some of them. 

What I love about London, is that you can be in a park or a garden and feel so peaceful and all you can see is green and trees, yet the reassuring hum of the city is always behind you. 

*a note to Kew - why do the cafes shut at 3:45 on Sunday? craaaazzzyyy.


  1. I've really been craving London recently...we're only and hour and a half away, but never seem to have the time. Cacti always make me feel uneasy....like they are slightly more alive than other plants...maybe I'm just a loon xxx

  2. I went to Kew for the first time on my last visit to London - loved it. We too have been to the greenhouses at Botanic Gardens in the winter to feel the warmth, this time in Edinburgh. At Kew the Waterlily house was my favourite but I also loved the upper walkway in the main glasshouse.

    Try coming to Glasgow where the underground shuts at 6pm on a Sunday!

  3. Kew Gardens......oh heaven!! My hubby will be sneaking my ashes in there one day.......

  4. lovely pics.
    i love your blog, its so wonderful. everything is so cute here ^^V
    i whis you and u family a great day :)

  5. beautiful place, I love places like this one :)

  6. I've never been to Kew, but it's the first place where i'm planning to go when the spring will start!
    Have a beautiful freeezing day! ;)

  7. I have never been to Kew, but plan to this year! love your photos x

  8. I luuuuuuuurve succulents. In Perth you have to give kudos to indestructible, water savvy plants. You just have to.
    ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ PS - Pehr gets cuter every day!

  9. The photos are so great! Especially the ones with tiny fish.

  10. Anonymous15.1.13

    We got the year pass for Kew gardens a few years back, when we used to live nearby. It's so nice to see how things evolve over a year, plus it pays off after 4 visits anyway (and they give loads of guest passes too).

    I totally agree about parks in London. We live in the country now and although we are surrounded by nature in principle, there seems to be less opportunities and nice places to go. Certainly worse cafe options ;)


  11. Anonymous15.1.13

    Beautiful place... would like to visit it one day!

    (p.s.: Maybe you already noticed it, but your bloglovin' doesn’t work, it hasn’t shown new posts from you since the 16th September! It says: “At the moment we are unable to retrieve posts from this blog").

  12. I love Kew, but I live so far away, I've only visited a few times. Re the cafe - probably to do with sunset hours. Places where you need daylight to get through safely often do this. I presume the cafe opens later in summer?
    JUST CHECKED their website - YUP, four seasonal openings.

  13. Have you come across the blog of Bertie, What Ho Kew, he's doing a placement there after a stint at Hidcote. It's really jolly, great images of the glasshouses this week. Always lots of info too.
    Well done for a lovely blog and being good.


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