crikey! I'm a mum

22 January 2013

Its funny isn't it. I can't think clearly about anything else. All thats on my mind is, what is life going to be like in the future, when our nipper grows up into a woman. What will she be like and will we get on? Well, I hope so, I sure do like her sense of humour thus far.

Me and my Mister went on a small walk though Dulwich Park contemplating parenthood and our lives.  I still cannot believe that this tiny human came out of my body (bit gross) and will someday probably be taller than me. Is it normal for it all to seem a bit surreal?

I really hope I will be a good mum, not just plucking out her bogies or cleaning her bum...but a good mum when she's all grown up, and able to do those things for herself.

and what will happen when she leaves us and makes a life of her own? It will just be us again (+ Plimsoll hopefully) and maybe a ...

(photos by Nao) 

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