DIY baby - part 2

9 June 2012

Not much to show for today's efforts to be honest. I thought I'd have a break from sewing this weekend, and try some ideas for a mobile for the tot's cot. I had a bit of inspiration from a birthday card that we saw in the morning, and I decided to have a go at making a seagull to hang from the mobile above the cot.

I drew a rough outline of what I thought a seagull looks like. Cut out two at the same time...
and stick them together and then you can bend down the wings like thus...

and after a splodge of paint, it looked like this...

but I think I'll make a mobile some other way, as maybe seagulls aren't colourful enough for babies. I'll make something out of felt instead...hmm...I'll see.

anyways, even though this seagull project required my bum to be on the sofa the whole time, it still tired me out for the rest of the day.

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