7 May 2012


Me + husbond have just got back from an adventure in Leicestershire. It was a great honor to see my friends Jess & Eddy get wedded, and she looked amazing! (and him too of course ;)

They had their photos taken afterwards in a lovey red brick castle, and we had a bit of a snoop around in our wellies.

After the wedding we had a bit of a drive to our hotel, which I didn't realise when booking last minute, was actually a Religious retreat on the grounds of a magnificent old monastery.
I feared the worst. Indeed there was no tv in the bedroom, just a crucifix and a bible for our entertainment, gulp.
Anyways it was rather lovely and peaceful, although a bit over priced considering no veggie breakfast. tutt tutt.

Next day we went exploring some neighbouring villages.

this place was called, um... Lyddington, I think.
We happed across an English Heritage place called Bede House, which was incredibles!

Henry the 8th stayed here with Catherine, and it was used by the Bedes people {whoever they are!} until the 1930s. This is a Bedeswoman's room during the 19th century...

cosy eh?

...and a not so cosy Bedesman's room.

every nook and cranny of this place was right up my street. Its all made of timber and white plaster walls with ickle windows everywhere.

The houses in this area are quite like the Cotswolds, only there are no tourists {except us of course!}

we also inspected Rutland Water, but it was a tad cold and breezy for our liking, so we went in search of tea and cake instead.
On the way back to London, we stopped off at Audley End house in Essex.
Its a stunning looking huge house from the outside, but not much tickled our fancy inside.
However, the dairy and laundry rooms were my dream house...

I guess I would have been 'downstairs' gal, if I were living here back then.
Twas a very nice trip indeed, even though it barely stopped raining, it was great to go up north, as we usually hang about down south waiting for the sun to come out.
I have like twenty posts to catch up on by now, but the last few months have been the busiest of my life I think.
RUST is so busy this year that I may think about hiring someone to help with the admin and sales.
Moving rental flat is always such a hastle too, so many things to organise with agents and contracts and inventories and cleaning etc. I hate it! We have moved now thankfully, but this time next year, we really hope to buy our own place {if any nice property come on the market} so we don't have to see another Estate Agent for a while ; )
Anyways, I hope you are all enjoying this soggy spring! xx


  1. such beautiful places. i'd have been a downstairs girl as well - can't think of anything nicer than an old fashioned laundry/scullery!

  2. The Leicestershire countryside is stunning in places and Rutland Water is a favourite place :-)

    Your photos are stunning - all those gorgeous nooks and crannies! Your friend made a beautiful bride!

    Jem xXx

  3. Oh, it looks like a great place to explore. Thanks for sharing your lovely images. :)

  4. Wow, that woodwork on the ceiling is incredible. Why don't we do that kind of thing anymore?

    Such lovely photos, such a lovely looking bride.

  5. I'm sure I would have been a downstairs girl - I much prefer the simplicity of the scrubbed wood & the cream or white china. Before she was married my granny was a ladies maid (In the early to mid 1930s) so I guess it is in the blood! Beautiful photos as always x

  6. Anonymous7.5.12

    Just lovely! I adore exploring old buildings. Makes me long for a weekend away.


  7. Ahhhh! thanks to you I've had a myself a lovely fix of Dear Old Blighty!!! I can hold off on the airline tickets for another year!
    cheers x

  8. enjoying seeing your days out posts again xxx

  9. How fuuny, you were but a stones throw from me. Wonderful to see it through a fresh set of eyes!

  10. Liz Thomas8.5.12

    I miss England sooooo much. Thank you for sharing the lovely photos, you captured exactly the bits and pieces that tug at my heart!

  11. I was wondering where did they use to store their huuge frocks these women.. such a big room and no wardrobes... Turns out bedesmen and bedeswomen had only prayer in their minds...
    There are other bede's houses across England.
    Nice photos!

  12. Georgia8.5.12

    Yes, but interest rates will go up in a couple of years! love from an estate agent who rents her house.......

    Love the tiles in the dairy.

  13. this post is so beautfiul!
    i love travelling from my desk.
    i am particularly enamored by the Dairy wash room tiles on the wall.
    i agree - downstairs gal for me too! hope you are feeling well!

  14. Anonymous9.5.12

    Stunning - although I am biased as I am from Leicestershire and now Rutland well ;-)

  15. So fun to read this post! when I was 16 our family took our first trip overseas. We were driving in England and came upon Audley End. I hadn't thought of it until I saw your photos. Thank you for the memories.
    xo ~ Leslie


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