christmas pressie wrappings

19 December 2011

my fave part of christmas is buying/making and wrapping up pressies for the nearest and dearest. I get really into it actually, and i can stay up all night wrapping pressies, grinning to myself and stuffing my mouth with mince pies at the same time.
This year I found some glittery paper which I quite liked, I don't usually buy paper {i just make it myself somehow}as its a bit pricey, but I did miss a bit of glitter. I made some initial labels out of that same book I was chopping up before {btw, that was an old book from a charity shop which had some kids scribblings on some of the pages}. Luckily no one has the same initials except me and my mum {A}, but I quizzed a bit whether it should be an 'M' for Mum?

I also used some book pages with tissue paper over the this point I was getting a bit too creative I think ; )

does anyone know what these are called? Y'know, when you cut up paper to make a chain of people, I used to do it at primary school. Great fun!

We had some lovely visitors at our Rust shop Open days. A lovely Japanese lady came from Brighton with these flowers for us, she follows my blog...hello! if you are reading this...nice to have met you, and we love these flowers!

aren't they amazing? I would love to know what these are called, or even what country they came from. They look like wool, in fact I bought some wool from Liberty's {when I attempted to learn to knit} and they were the EXACT same colours! I hope these flowers will be dry-able, because I'm planning to make them a permanent feature in our flat. {they are real by the way, but i did have to double check!}

also...a little sprig {i love the word 'sprig'!} of mistletoe came with them, Ive kissed Plimsoll a few times as she often wanders around that area, but she does not appreciate my affections.

and also, some gingerbread men from some lovely friends of ours. I can never bring myself to bite them though, so I might have to eat them in the dark so they cant look at me.
Our mantle piece is beginning to look like a small museum of sentimental items, which I rather enjoy looking at, whilst munching the odd mince pie as usual.

Happy wrapping folks! XX {if you havent done it already or course!}


  1. That's a type of banksia, an Australian native tree or shrub. There's lots of varieties but none are naturally this colour, though, so yours have been dyed. The big seed pods the tree produces are amazing. I burn the flowers in the fireplace once they're dry. The seed pods don't burn as they're built to withstand bushfires. Amazing things.

  2. The flower looks to be a type of Protea, so pretty! Your pictures are always so nice as well :)

  3. Thank you Small Things Simple Pleasures!
    Amazing!! I just did an image search for banksia and there are so many varieties. Nature is amazing to design the pods to withstand bush fires, incredible. I wonder if i can grow this plant in south London! To withstand british weather is a true test no? xxx

  4. There are so many different kinds, but I think yours are "Hookers Banksia" or "Banksia Hookeriana" So beautiful. There are some amazing native Australian flowers.
    I love your blog! And I'm right there with you on the gingerbread men!!

  5. You have some fantastic gift wrapping skills!
    I normally love wrapping - picking a colour scheme, ribbons etc. But this year I've bought too many odd shaped gifts so it's gift bags and tissue paper all the way.

  6. I was just thinking they looked like banksia (I'm an Orrstrayan), but that I hadn't seen such vibrant colours before, so well done to Small Things for recognising a dye-job when she sees one!

  7. Your packages are so pretty - how can anyone stand to remove the wrappings to get to the present?! The flowers are so happy - what a lovely gift. It's a nice reminder that people can be sweet.

  8. Anonymous20.12.11

    the ones you have already are dried out and then dyed, so they should stay like that for a nice long time! I remember we had some on our dining table growing up :)

  9. I love gift wrapping too, and sometimes I do get carried away too :)
    Your wrapped gifts are gorgeous.

  10. having been inspired by your cracker making and attempted my own this year I shall save the amazing wrapping for next year. Love the tissue over book pages idea. Just right me-thinks. Happy Christmas.

  11. Your presents look lovely and have inspired me to start wrapping mine! :) I always spend hours wrapping and then it's always sad how quickly people open them up. 'Please pause and admire the beautiful wrapping before you rip it open!'


  12. Hello^ ^!! This is Ayako who visited the shop the other day. It was a big pleasure to finally meet you two as I've been following your blog since this summer!

    I'm glad you liked the flowers as well.
    Look so forward to getting one of your lovely rings in the future!! Hope you have a great xmas!

    PS. Thank you everyone who posted comments about the name of the flower.
    I didn't even know that it has dyed. I thought that colour was natural!


    Absolutely beautiful wrapping - your styling is wonderful. And I would just love to own one of your rings - one day maybe!

  14. Nathalie21.12.11

    Oh how I love wrapping things; it's my favourite part of Christmas (or any other occasion for that matter). Love your style and creativity! The letter labels are such a cute idea, I will make some tomorrow ;-) Thankyou!

  15. Love the wrapping – and the paper snowmen :) I just stamped everything this year... easiest way to jazz up plain paper but messy! ;) Have a good Christmas x

  16. Oooh wrapping is always the best bit - yours is wonderful! Thanks for inspiring me throughout the year, you've cheered up many a dull day in the office with your blog. Have a super Christmas.

    Ps - I think I spotted a some of your wrapping on the glitter guide today - unless there's another cat out there called Plimsole?!

  17. Looks like your flower query is well and truly answered, though sadly no chance of growing it in London town! Enjoy your break.... Merry Xmas!

  18. Anonymous10.1.12

    I adore the book page initial tags, and the paper chains of snowmen and hearts! Lovely!

  19. a little late, but i had to chime in... I just happen to know that the flowers are mink protea. You were saying they looked like wool and they really do! I think that's where the mink came in on the name.


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