Paper birds

24 December 2020


I haven't had much time this year to make anything creative for one reason or another, but I made some paper birds with my daughter for the xmas dinner table today. I originally made these a few years ago for our jewellery shop window, see here, and I had one left that I used to take a template.
They are easy and quick to make, and you can make them out of all kinds of paper and card, different sizes and species of birds, I made a seagull here too.

You will need some wire or string if hanging up, I only had this one, but it's better if you use white wire (I had some previously from a cake decorating supplier or florist might have it too) as this dark wire shows through the paper. If you are making crows then fine.
I used cartridge paper for these white ones, and I recommend using a biodegradable glitter (e.g. this one) if you want them glittery.

My daughter's one which I love!

(you can just about see my lovely snowglobe scene on the right from Buddug which I bought this xmas. It's beautiful!)

They are so easy, you don't really need any instructions! But I have been asked many times before so I made a quick template. You should be able to copy the image and then print it to what ever size you need. Mine measured 8.5cm from beak to tail, but I'm not sure how big this image is (?).

I cut about 8 pieces in one go because I'm lazy. Just fold the rectangle like a concertina, glue it to both tail sides and then glue the body part together (with the wire or string or whatever to hang it from) leaving the wings to fold down.

If you make some paper birds, let me know, I'd love to see them! Nice for easter or maybe a wedding too??

Happy Xmas all x


  1. Thank You, these are beautiful. Merry Christmas!

  2. These look beautiful, I hope you had a lovely Christmas. All the very best to you and yours for the New Year. xx

  3. i like it, anyway happy new year to u

  4. You haven't posted for a long time and I hope you and your children are doing great. Miss your posts as I've been reading your Blog since you were living in London. Be Well and Be Happy!!


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