Only Through Shadows - New for Autumn 2020

10 September 2020

So I'm currently working on three businesses simultaneously, whilst selling and buying houses. Feeling slightly overwhelmed by it all, so I have found refuge at the jewellery bench!
I have recently sourced some beautiful stones and pearls which I have been looking forward to using.
I wanted to create some very simple jewellery that would make nice presents for just about anyone, with xmas in mind (I know I know). 
I have been running Only Through Shadows for just over a month now and it is very interesting to see which items are selling the most. It seems that silver is still very popular, so I have made extra stock. The gold price is at extremely high levels at the moment (due to Covid mostly) so I will continue to make these to order, with the exception of a few popular pieces that are good to keep in stock for quicker shipping. 
So the following pieces are all now available online...

I'm pretty much in love with the colours and textures within these Flower Chalcedony (which is a form of agate) They are super chunky so make for a nice weight in a long necklace. There are currently three different ones to chose from as they are all 'one of a kind'.

My daughter has badgered me to make an Eos necklace for a while now, as it is her design (inspired by She-ra's tiara) and I said she will get an ice lolly for each sale. (of course I will also save a percentage for her to invest in her own start up company one day ; ) It has a small grey/pink freshwater pearl also.

Very difficult to set such an irregular naturally formed Herkimer crystal, but I think it was worth it! This is in 9ct gold with 1.5mm band. It is a one of a kind ring, which will be resized to order.

Tiny faceted amazonites in this delicate looking bracelet!

Eos earrings, now also available in sterling silver.

Lots of new pearl jewellery. I love that pearls are coming back into fashion again. I like to use them sparingly for a more modern look. And I love the combination with the moonstones.

Really happy with this Rose necklace in silver, with tiny beaded chain.

You can see all the new items online here>



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  2. Everything is gorgeous! Gorgeous jewelry and styling!

  3. Everything is gorgeous! Gorgeous jewelry and styling!

  4. Everything is gorgeous! Gorgeous jewelry and styling!

  5. Absolutely gorgeous :-)


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