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11 October 2015

I'm starting to get in to the autumnal swing of things lately. Summer seemed to have disappeared into a thick fog of morning sickness, so I struggle to remember anything we did! 
Work has to go on though as we do need to earn our crust whatever else is going on in our lives...and sometimes that can mean working late ours with a toddler in tow. Luckily she has adapted to our lives pretty well, and enjoys her trips to London and eating take-away curry in the shop when we're working. Perhaps its because she has known no different? 
She seems to be understanding what we do for a living, it involves sparkly jewellery and people come into our shop and buy them...thats as much as she 'gets' and that pretty much sums it up! 
I think it is REALLY important that children are taught about being self-employed or starting their own enterprises as young as possible. I don't remember ever being taught this at school, yet it is vital that some children will grow up to work for themselves and possibly employ others too. I'm already thinking of little projects to inspire our littlun where she can raise money herself and feel the confidence that it can give her for when she is older. 
Anyways, back to the subject ; )  Our tot loves to 'help' in the shop and copy what me and my mister do. It usually takes three times longer this way, but I see it as an investment!

I ended up with a lot of necklaces to untangle! But I try not to laugh (too much!) because she gets upset because she wanted to help : (

She really likes trying on the jewellery, and the way she handles it so delicately, she seems to know that it is very expensive! She calls it 'treasure'.

These are all our new collection, with a few older ones mixed in. As you can probably tell, it's a bit woodlandy inspired. Those mushroom are made of paper, amazing! the only real things are the logs, of which about thirty woodlice feel out when I went to put it in the window!
I have used real moss and leaves and branches in previous displays, but found that it really didn't look very good after about one week. I love those artificial chestnut branches, they look so natural I reckon.

As the Isle of Wight slowly sinks into hibernation mode, we have been reducing our shop days...I think we will be open just weekends during winter until about Easter time. Then we will have to figure out how to organise work with TWO nippers to deal with ; )

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