30 August 2010

mr & mrs junkaholic, do home improvements.

Now that we are a married couple, we spend about 85% of our time calling each other husband and wife with comical looks on our faces. The rest of the time we are working out how we can buy a nice big home for ourselves. Whilst, to buy a property in London does require being a close relation of Jesus Christ for what I can see, we just have to make do with what we've got until we have saved up enough pennies to live in more than one room and possibly without woodchip and naff laminate.
therefore, we began our home improvement weekend by painting anything we could find.
This is a cheap set of drawers from Ikea, about 12 squid i think?
we painted all our things in this...

which was a lot cheaper than Farrow and Ball, but just as nice.

of course one needs a woolly hat for painting one's furniture, doesn't one?
with some new knobs {that cost more than the drawers!} it now looks like this...

after a MAMMOTH re-arranging session, of our bedroom, I squeezed in a small girly dressing area.
We found this bamboo and tiled stand in Saffron Walden on saturday for £9.50. We felt sorry for it so slung it in the boot and brought it back to our flat for safe keeping...

it looks like it was left outside in the cold and rain for a long time, arhhh!

now it can do a fine job of holding our wellies!

next up, our pea-green kitchen/dining table that we've been meaning to paint since we bought it a few months ago at the market.

i gave it a lick of paint and Nao sanded and waxed the top...

now we smugly agree that we could sell it for 4 or 5 times what we paid for it {but of course we won't because we need it}

such a sense of achievement to paint one's kitchen table!

after that rewarding activity, i started scanning the flat for other things i could paint, then spotted my fave chair...

yep, it got the lick too...

then two set of these shelves {that used to be dark brown wood}

now residing in the bedroom...

and even Nao painted his desk too!

all this improvement made me get busy clearing up, moving things around and such, like hanging up this french lace panel on the window...

and creating some much needed book shelf for Nao's bedside {when i tidy up Nao's books, he always laughs because i put them all upside down! well, i cant tell the difference.}

as we moved the bed around to make more space, I'm now stuck in the corner, but, I made a little cave with an apple crate to put my books and clock etc...I kind of like it!

a quick squiz at our newly re-arranged bedroom, note wedding bunting above bed...oh yes!

speaking of wedding left-overs, we brought back all the potted herbs that we used to decorate our lunch table, they still have the {now muddy} cotton ribbons around the pots!

so now we have...

a herb garden! i'm really into mint and beetroot in my salad these days.

If you are interested, you can see more of our home here.

Goodbye August, I'll never forget you now!.

29 August 2010

saffron walden

ah, how nice it is to have a long weekend eh? {sorry i know it might not be a bank holiday monday everywhere!}
Nao and I decided we need to do a bit of work on our flat as it looks like a bomb hit it. This calls for a trip to B&Q for some paint and a trip to our workshop to drop off all the stuff we used for the wedding that has been congesting our hallway since we got back. This means hiring a car, so therefore, going to Old Kent road and Hatton Garden via Saffron Walden!! naturally.

I heard about this place ages ago and as we felt the need for a day excursion, we hopped in the car and next we were there in the land of tiny, wonky, colourful, gnome houses.
They look like something out of a Disney cartoon, but these are actually what all us Brits were living in {unless we were too poor and lived in a mud hut or something worse that is}, in 1400s

that bookshop at the top, is actually enormous and was Oliver Cromwell's HQ, bloody amazing eh!

I mean, come on, just look at this ridiculously cute house...


...that actual real people live in these ickle old housies!

with wifi, plasma tv, microwaves, washer/dryers and all the other modern day gumpf, its just bonkers isn't it, and what a strange juxtaposition. I wonder what Oliver Crom and his mates would have thought of it.

we wondered about a bit gawping at all the buildings until it was time to drive back to london.
Before we went back we just went to check out another des-res.

a Jacobean mansion. a little above our budget but, still not bad, i suppose i could live there if i had too.

we were too late to see inside Audley End House, but we'll do that another day.

So then back to Londinium and workshop drop off and then to B&Q and then back to our minuscule flat!
and the paint?...we are going to paint all our furniture today! {hopefully if i can get out of bed that is}.

27 August 2010

wall views

some views from the flat today.
"who lives in house like this?"
...er,...some sleepy ones...

we are waiting to go away for our honeymoon camping expedition, but it has turned cold and rainy.
O hum.
look at these nice stamps, aren't they lovely! we always save the best stamps for special people...

hope you all have relaxing weekends across the ol'globe! X

26 August 2010

handsome door.

on our way from the market we saw a fine London door way!

we purchased amongst other bits {which for some reason do not want to appear on the screen}, some amazing old newpapers and a book of hisories of dorset. Some toy cars, a tin globe and a crochet blanket.
Oh and some rusty lanterns for our tent that even come with free spiders. what a bargain.

maybe more pics to come if i can work out what went wrong.

blimey this rain is quite something, it sounds like there is a tap running outside the window all day. Good thing we didn't go camping this weekend...but maybe next week ; ) ever hopeful.