Divided kids shared bedroom

3 November 2023

The time had come to try and work out better arrangements for the children now that my daughter is 11 and my son is 7. 
It's really tricky when you don't have enough bedrooms (two bed flat). I can remember always wanting my own room at that age too, so I know how important it is to have at least some personal space to call your own. With very limited funds, I have done this to their room. I looked around the internet a lot for some inspiration but couldn't really find much, so I thought I'd post about it here in case anyone else is in the same boat and could get any ideas.

I am at least lucky enough that the room has two windows. I didn't want to do anything permanent or costly, so I found some dividers that can be moved around to suit them, and can make a completely enclosed room if needed (I found everything on amazon and Ikea).
I also took down their bunk beds, and bought two singles with storage space underneath for their clothes.

I had this old table in the garage so I painted it up for my son to use.

The beds took up more space than I was expecting!

This is where you walk into the room. (I took these before hoovering, oops!)

Love this new alpine bedding for my boy...

Otter is also very impressed with the quality of her new room(s)!

I found these ladder style shelves very cheaply online and they are great for small spaces.

And this that she can fill up with her collection of stationery. It has wheels so really handy to tuck in a small gap.

Big boy desk!

I hope this arrangement will do for a couple of years at least!

...This was how it was before, I loved it but I know times are changing and kids grow.
Btw this paint was Farrow and Ball (Light Blue) but it showed up the bad plastering of the walls and it had a very patchy finish which after removing all the blue tack, looked dreadful. It was also a lot darker than it appears here. For more practical reasons I painted it white. 

I'm going to sell the bunk beds. So sad! : (

The End.


  1. Anonymous3.11.23

    It looks really good

  2. Anonymous3.11.23

    So clever and your diligent research is evident. Just the fact that you’re giving these children life on a special island with the sea so close by is already so special. Maybe as they grow older and need more space you could install hammocks in lieu of beds🤗

  3. It looks really good ❤️

  4. Anonymous3.11.23

    It looks amazing! I spent a looong time trying how to give my two growing up boys their own space in a shared room with bunk beds, but I just couldn't make it work. In the end my older teen son has moved into the dining room and I had to work out a way of making that work when we need to entertain. Thank you for sharing how you went about your re jiggle, for me it is lovely to see that being creative can be just as effective as having a huge house. Who needs 5 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms, way too much cleaning 😆

  5. Anonymous3.11.23

    Looks wonderful for the kids and Otter! Very clever solution.

  6. Stephanie H3.11.23

    Oh wow!! These wall panels are exactly what we need!! Appears to be able to close up the area of Pehr‘s room/space!
    How can I get something similar? Hmm…. I understand if you don’t want to link any products but er… any keywords I could perhaps look up…. 👀 The Space looks just wonderful and L and P will be growing into the space :)

  7. Anonymous7.12.23

    I like your solution! It has a visual of ‘wall’ and I like it better than what my mother had as a child: one long room that was divided by fabric partitions! One partition was a fabric ’room’ for the grandparents, the next for the parents, and the last held four children! Your wooden panels are much nicer. Bravo for another creative solution! And the white walls really open it up.


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