A Xmas tale

21 December 2022

I'm trying my very best this year to make xmas the best ever. We've had a very scary time recently with my son being very ill for a long time and finally being treated in hospital for five days. It was awful just trying to get medical help, it was a terrifying battle that will stay with me forever. He is thankfully doing well at home now but has been off school for about a month. He is getting stronger every day, the best xmas present ever! We don't know exactly what he had but it may have been scarlet fever or Kawasaki disease (or both) he was tested and treated too late to confirm.
The day after we came home from the hospital, I got a xmas tree! and decorated the flat a little. It was a glorious day. I am so thankful for the nurses who looked after my son (and me!).

It was lovely and frosty too, and we watched films and ate chocolate a lot.
I have no idea how I managed to keep up with xmas jewellery orders during his illness. I was like a machine, sleeping at the hospital, then racing home to make orders and post them whilst his dad was there, and then racing back again. I managed to only have to do this for a couple of days per week by working in large batches...I didn't sleep, wash or eat except for at the hospital. It must have been all the adrenaline! I'm so grateful for all my customer's orders, thank you!

It was great to have our pup Otter back too as she was being looked after by my brother and his family whilst we were away. She loved the frosty grass, she really loved eating it too! She has just turned five months old and has a huge new set of adult teeth that are too big for her mouth, but she is becoming more sensitive and affectionate lately. We all love her to bits! (even though she is extremely naughty).

We have a traditional tree in the kids room that they decorated, it's just like last year.
In our living room we bought a little sapling cypress tree, I like that it doesn't obscure our view of the downs!

Luckily I did all my xmas shopping on my phone during the nights at the hospital, so nearly everything was waiting on our doorstep on our return! They are all wrapped up now, a satisfying mountain of presents that dwarfs our weedy tree.
We have already had a lovely xmas dinner at my mum's with all the family...this takes place a week before xmas for everyones convenience. So now I just have to don my Santa costume and fill up those stockings, make some mince pies and sit back and relax! Omg, I.am.so.tired,

Wishing you all a wonderful xmas and New year, keep safe and well xx


  1. I am so glad your boy is on the mend, and hope you have a wonderful, restful and fun Christmas. Nadolig Llawen from Wales!

  2. Anonymous21.12.22

    Thinking of you and your family. Merry Christmas! 🎄

  3. Anonymous21.12.22

    Merry Christmas Artemis. Hoping you and the children can now relax and enjoy the season xxx

  4. Anonymous21.12.22

    I hope you are all recovering from your shattering experience
    Your home, and your Christmas, sound wonderful

  5. I am so glad your son is better. What you describe sounds like a nightmare. Well done you for pulling through. Enjoy a beautiful Christmas!

  6. Anonymous21.12.22

    Oh Artemis I'm so glad Leif is getting better, so scary as a parent when your child is really poorly. Wishing you all a cosy Christmas together 🎄 ❤

  7. Anonymous21.12.22

    There’s nothing more nightmarish…and to have your plate so full of other demands…and to feel so helpless. You never know how capable you can be—hats off to you.

  8. Anonymous21.12.22

    Wishing you a happy and restful Christmas and New Year, after such a challenging season!

  9. Anonymous21.12.22

    The most important thing is that Leify is getting better. Have a beautiful Christmas in your beautiful home with your gorgeous children!

  10. Marion22.12.22

    I as so happy your son is on the mend. It can be terrifying when one of your children is seriously ill. May you have a very Merry Christmas and all the best in the New year.

  11. Anonymous22.12.22

    Aw Artemis, so happy to read the Leif is on the mend but my what a worrying time this must have been! As always your home and plans are gorgeous and I’m sure this will be a magically beautiful Christmas for you all x

  12. Anonymous22.12.22

    Very glad that leify is now on the mend ! Try and have a restful Christmas , x

  13. So happy he is getting stronger by the day! Hope you can relax a bit now and enjoy the holidays!! Greetings from cosy Antwerp!

  14. Anonymous22.12.22

    Herculean achievements all 'round! Incredible to manage your business throughout. So very fortunate medical care came through. An especially bright Christmas to you all! (Basswould)

  15. Anonymous22.12.22

    Thank goodness Leif is better and you are all home for Christmas. I've read about the stress hospitals are under, glad you finally got the care needed and the nurses looking out for you too. They are the Xmas angels. Peace to you all.

  16. Anonymous22.12.22

    So pleased Leif is better. Hope you have a lovely Christmas, and that you can have a good rest xx

  17. I am so sorry to hear that Leif was so poorly, what a terrifying time for you all. I still remember the fear and sleepless nights when my youngest was in hospital when he was four ... and he's a strapping 35 year old now. You deserve lots of rest and family time this Christmas, I do hope you get it. I love your little Cypress tree what a brilliant idea, and of course ... as usual ... all your decorations look absolutely magical. Merry Christmas to you all. xx

  18. Laurie24.12.22

    Thinking of you too at this time. I was so sorry to hear of Leif. What an ordeal for you and the family. Praying that you have a joyous, relaxing new year.

  19. Anonymous26.12.22

    There is nothing so worrying or terrifying as having a sick child. I am so pleased that your lovely little boy is well. Good wishes to you and your family. Jean/Winnipeg

  20. Anonymous2.1.23

    Gosh Artemis 🥹
    I am so sorry that you had to endure this frightening ordeal. So wonderful to hear that he is all recovered now. Here’s to 2023 being filled with all the good stuff!! Nothing too eventful like a blooming pandemic or illness - just adventures and dogs and thriving! 🤍


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