Only Through Shadows: Spring

17 March 2021

Ah I feel a much needed spring is on its way today. It really helps. 

So, today I have been taking some new photos for my website and social media. Even though the sun didn't want to help me out at the precise moment I took my camera out, I'm quite happy with the direction and the colours etc...

I'm not sure if I will use any of these, I havent decided yet, but it is good to get some ideas.

I'm also introducing some plain wedding rings, made to order in different metals and widths.
These are made with 100% recycled gold and silver so are sustainable and eco friendly. A good way to start a new life together I think!

I hope you are all well (mentally and physically!) It really is very hard all round, I know I can not wait to go out and see friends. I might even book a table at the pub for the summer. Take it easy x


  1. What beautiful treasures you create. Whatever you do will be a joy. So pleased to see more of of your genius.j

  2. I just love it all!

  3. Anonymous18.3.21

    Always beautiful x


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