Caravanning at Compton Farm

16 July 2020 Compton Farm, Military Rd, Newport PO30 4HF, UK

Literally the day the campsites opened, we took our caravan out (thanks to my brother who towed it there). I have really missed getting out in it even though we have been caravanning outside our house during lockdown.
Our favourite place in the world is Compton Farm, right here on the Isle of Wight. You can find lots of posts on the blog about this very same campsite. *disclaimer, caravans are not allowed in the tent field, we have special dispensation as it is smaller than most cars.
The kids love it, and we kept it here for two weeks whilst we to and fro-ed from our house now and again to restock supplies. We had all the weather Britain could throw at us, gale force storms, baking hot sun and torrential downpours. It all adds the the charm (not at the time) of a memorable camping trip.

Here are lots of photos of our time spent there this month, it is a very photogenic place with such good light.

The kids loved staying up to watch the bats whilst drinking hot chocolate. 
They didn't want to leave at all!

Whilst all the world is in utter chaos, and home life is in a state of limbo, this really did help so much to come here. I will be on more camping adventures with the kids again soon...I'm planning a little tent camping, squishing everything into my tiny car!

...p.s.  my new little jewellery company is just two weeks away from lift off! It's been a labour of love, really enjoyable and I do hope you will like what I have been up to. You can follow Only Through Shadows over on instagram in the mean time, and I will put a post here when I launch the online shop.


  1. It looks wonderful... what memories those children will have.

  2. Anonymous16.7.20

    I love it! It looks so cozy inside! And the surroundings are so beautiful. I wish I was your kid ;-) Jana

  3. Anonymous16.7.20

    The gift that you give your children!! So great and special!! They will remember this, and thank you for it (ok, later :-) )

  4. Your posts always put a smile on my face :) To see P&L enjoying the great outdoors is delightful. Who needs to travel far when you have such a beautiful spot in your own backyard. Wishing you all the best and great success with Only Through Shadows. Your labour of love for your family and your business is a credit to you xxx

  5. I always look forward to your camping posts. I miss seeing the food you make! It all looks so magical.

  6. What wonderful photos you took and memories you made.

    And what a wonderful little adventure. My memories of staying in my Great Aunt and Uncles small 4 berth caravan every weekend throughout the Summers of my childhood are what inspired me to change things up now and move into my static for the majority of my time. Caravanning and outdoor adventures shape our lives in the subtlest and most wonderful of ways

  7. Utter bliss. We've had one visit to the IofW and it's just so gorgeous.

  8. Utter bliss. We've had one visit to the IofW and it's just so gorgeous.

  9. Love that picture of Pehr on the fence where it looks like a tiny cow is hanging out in her basket!

  10. Anonymous27.7.20

    Looks like heaven. I'm going on my first camping trip (also with 2 kids!) inspired by you, later this year x

  11. It looks lovely. So nice to get away and just enjoy life and spend time outdoors. The site looks wonderful - is it within walking distance of a beach? jean/winnipeg


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