a very strange month that was March

1 April 2020 Isle of Wight, United Kingdom

So I finally came to post some photos here which I haven't done for quite a while. It is just because the camera is heavy and expensive so I usually leave it at home!
I did take it out to the beach with us once though. We had been in quarantine for a while due to me having some cold symptoms. The kid's school subsequently closed anyway, so we had been having lots of days on the beach keeping away from people.
(these photos were taken a while before UK went into lockdown)

(Compton Bay, Isle of Wight)

car picnics became a thing.

I am really enjoying driving the kids around since I passed my test last November, we play dance music and Disney soundtracks mostly, (although Leify loves the soundtrack from the Italian Job the best).

We have had to begin homeschooling the kids, Pehr is really into this...so I bought a planner and some stickers. They will do anything for a sticker including foot massages and clearing the table. I also get regular 'tea breaks' which consist of cold tea and some kind of half nibbled biscuit.
She does her academic work from her books and the other stuff is just things we would have done anyway. I think it will do.

Someone turned 4 this month too! It was the saddest thing ever to tell him that his friends won't be coming to his party (which he has been talking about since xmas). However, when he saw the pile of presents, he pretty much forgot about his friends.

(nice slippers eh?).

Do not trust anyone who is this good at Jenga.

TV dinners are my favourite thing.

To keep me occupied during what can only be described as the most awkward and hilarious situation (forced co-habitation with one's ex-spouse). We had just decided to sell the house when lockdown occurred, prior to this we had been 'bird's nesting' for the past year and half. 

So I have been blitzing the whole house and gutting out all the unnecessary crap and cleaning it to the nth degree. My aim is to get it ready to go onto the housing market as soon as normality resumes in the country. Until then, no one can use the living room (unless it's me with my wine ; )

Apart from that we are all well, the kid's are happy and have everything we need, we are very lucky indeed.

Stay safe and stay home everyone xxx


  1. Oh my goodness these are difficult times indeed. My family are well grown so only two of us here in what I'd call a kind of lockdown. Your photos are absolutely fabulous. I can't imagine trying to sell a house too in the middle of everything. Good luck with it all

    1. ah thank you! well the housing market has been put on hold now so I don't know how long we will be in this situation. Got to laugh about it really, and look at the bright side x

  2. We have had some front seat car picnics...just to change it up. Can you imagine what it must have been like 100 years ago being stuck indoors during Spanish flu, young kids and no internet, TV or crisps? Bonkers. We are indeed very lucky and life finds a way. The kids will likely look back on this time with fond memories you are providing such a good home life for them.

  3. Oh how I have missed your beautiful pictorial posts. With our two boys well grown up I can only imagine how tiring it must be to have two young uns at home who are isolated from their friends and extended family but oh boy what beautiful memories you are creating. Stay safe, sane, sanitised and segregated xxx Much love from Down Under

  4. The kids are getting so big! Hope things get back to normal...or a new normal..where we can go out and about. For now it looks like you are all doing quite well..good job! Peace to you all.

  5. Gorgeous photos. Our house/smallholding was literally just about to go on the market too. My husband usually lives in it and I live in my Van (static caravan in England). Instead we're together in lockdown here in Wales ... just about managing, and still almost sane 🙃🥴🤓

  6. We're all in this same strange,but isolated boat. You seem to be doing the awkward bits with lots of grace- love the photos of beach life- and feeling inspired to maybe do a car picnic ourselves- I basically haven't left the house except for doctor visits and grocery store since early March.

  7. Strange times indeed. I am a great fan of the car picnic. Stay safe and wishing you well as you sell your home and start a new chapter in your life. Take care.

  8. ~Heather10.4.20

    Where is that ceramic candle ring from? It's lovely!

    1. ah it's a vintage one but I think it was from Germany originally? It is designed to hold water and flowers and has a special name which i have forgotten.

  9. Anonymous21.5.20

    I've always admired the back end of your house with the open windows and doors leading to the garden. We recently took out our single door and the window of our house and now my house looks like this also. Of course we have to finish the rest of the work but I love the greenhouse feel.


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