merry xmas!

26 December 2019

Happy Mid-Winter everyone! A bit delayed in updating here due to my new car adventures keep me occupied during any free time I get. As usual we had two xmas dinners, one at my mum's house with my family (on the other side of the Island) and one at our house, just with the kids.
I couldn't get very good pictures indoors due to the crap weather we have been treated to here in the UK, constant rain and drizzle for the last month I think. Xmas day was beautiful and bright however I was too busy to go out in it. Anyway, here are some photos of our xmas for any of you that haven't had enough of xmas so far...

She-Ra was a great success btw!

We decided to show a united front for the kids this Xmas day, I think it's important for them, so we did our best, and it wasn't too bad considering!

Yours truly cooked as per usual.

I mixed this up, in fact we went to my Mum's place before this, for the 22nd which is the shortest day of the year.
The kids really look forward to seeing lots of family. They love trips in my car and presents too so they were pretty damn excited! It's so bizarre that we can just get in my car and go wherever now... 

We stopped on the way with our packed lunch and flask of tea.

Operation xmas at Granny's, it's like entering another dimension.

I'm not even joking.
(also thats P's tissue paper jellyfish hanging up if you look closely) 

He succumbed to the aura of candles, crackling fire and fairy lights long before dinner was even served. 

Scared of a xmas cracker bang that is like a whisper compared to his shouting volume.

I have never met anyone who can cook as well as my mum...I'm still recovering by staying mostly horizontal. Happy holidays everyone!


  1. Anonymous26.12.19

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you and yours! I love your decorations and your Mum's place
    looked stunningg - it is definitely a family thing! X Ana

  2. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! So lovely and looks like the children had a wonderful Christmas! ��

  3. I LOVE your cooking apron! Did you make it yourself?

  4. Happy holidays! I love your decorations!

  5. Beautiful as always! x

  6. Have a wonderful 2020 with your beautiful family!

  7. What gorgeous pictures! I love your decorations, so simple and thoughtful. And your mum's house is just stunning. It looks as though you've had a magical time.

  8. Your photo of L. holding his ears for the crackers is my favorite non-family image of xmas 2019! It looks like a classic book illustration!

  9. Wow - your place and your mother’s home is stunning! She has wonderful taste in everything as you do....



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