23 October 2018

So it was happy birthday to our little big girl a week ago, and we had a small party for her last weekend with a few of her friends. As usual I was on cake baking duties which I feel an overwhelming sense of pressure. I have never made a cake that she has been happy with so I just made what I would want instead.
We were blessed with the warmest october day that my memory call recall, so it helped to make the alcohol go down well whilst the kids whizzed around the house in full party mode.

(not sad, just being theatrical)

Before all this shenanigans happened, I had a bit of peace and quite to open a little parcel that was sent to me by the lovely Zoe Hooley, whom I follow over on Instagram. I have long been an admirer of her beautiful photography and inspiring life. Do check out her account when you have a moment.
But just look at these amazing things she sent me! It was like my birthday...

As well as these she wrote the most lovely letter, a good old fashioned connection that I have not received in many years. It had me tears it was so kind and thoughtful. Thank you so much Zoe! xxxx

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  1. What a lovely friend! I read in her Instagram that one of her favorite things is sending and receiving thoughtful gifts....


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