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6 January 2018

I do like to start the year with a clean house and I find pottering around tiding and changing things about really helps me cope with my new year blues which I've always had since I was a child.
I have found that putting away the xmas decorations early has also been really helpful and makes me feel better (we decorate our house much earlier instead!).
As I mentioned in my last post about London, I brought home a few new things I found in the sales, and also a few are my xmas presents. Above is my new watering can from my mister (thank you!) and the wreath I found half price at Petersham Nurseries. I know I could make one similar but actually it's hard to find the right branches when you want them, and it's very nicely made. I'm going to have it on the dining table and put candles in it...very nice for spring!

Two new little ceramic vases for my collection, and the big one was an ebay find. I stopped at a service station on the way home and bought some flowers, the first for the year!

Some of my xmas decorations made into frames instead of the fire!

I LOVE my little gold plant chameleon from my sis in law, climbing up my trailing plant.

I'm in love with Korres Fig moisturiser at the moment and it's not too expensive either (£10). And also the little brass animals from the market! cheap cheap candles from Flying Tiger shop.

Another vintage pottery ebay find awaited me on my return. I'm so in love with it, and it has little holes in the back to take a string for hanging up! It's made by Dartmouth Potteries.

Large glass vases from Ikea, another very happy find.

And this is the plant I bought from Petersham's at half price, so £11.50! I couldn't resist its happy waving arms. I have a nice large clay pot for this one, and I will also straighten it up a bit too.
I have no idea where I am going to put it, but that's not important eh.

Another xmas decoration that will be staying is this little wooden triangle which I found online at Hema. It is designed to suspend a xmas decoration but I also found this glass hanging vase (online from china) and I used a wooden bead and some string to hang it up. I'm propagating some little asparagus fern cuttings hopefully fingers crossed.
Anyhow, I'm rather chuffed with it and it cost me less than a tenner in total.

We have a few projects that we want to do on our house this year without spending too much, so we will be doing it all ourselves which should be very interesting!
Our kitchen is a naff plastic coated chip board affair, probably the cheapest from B&Q, installed by the previous owner. It is not offensive and it's quite new, but it is just bleurrr. We can't afford a whole new kitchen or even new doors, so we will do a sort of makeover on it hopefully.
I will be in charge of tiling, I have watched you tube videos 😂

I'm also going to repaint our large kitchen cabinet which will be a huge job as I want to paint it inside and out 😬. 
Anyways, updates on all that to follow!

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