...a tour of our shop

1 May 2017 High St, Yarmouth PO41 0PL, UK

After a trip to London I had lots of ideas (and things!) to use for our shop display. I changed the window display as usual, and also rearrange the shop a bit and added some new cards and antique prints too. We have some amazing aprons for sale as well, all handmade in England using very fine materials. I will post more about these soon, as soon as they are available online.
We will be opening more days a week as well, ready for the summer season, so check our website for up-to-date opening times.

RUST Jewellery 
5 High Street 
Isle of Wight 
PO41 0PL 


  1. I love the cash register! your shop looks amazing, wish I could visit but I'm in the states. You are very creative, keep up the wonderful work.

  2. Such a beautiful display, a joy to visit.

  3. Anonymous5.5.17

    Everything you do is so beautiful. My husband and I are planning a day trip to the Isle of Wight and I really hope to stop in Yarmouth and visit your store.


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