spring beach

23 April 2017

Ahh what an amazing few days of sun we had down here! We were at the beach the whole time and it felt so good.

I've literally been dreaming of this day since about two years ago, when I was pregnant and either too sick or too uncomfortable to enjoy being on the beach.
Last year Mr Leafy was still a newborn and was crying a lot and being fed all the time (as newborns tend to do!) but this year, he can walk around, play with the sand and really take in the whole beach vibe. It's such a joy to watch them both play together (one of the main reasons we had a second child was the thought of P playing on her own on the beach, silly really!).

At the end of the three days of sun, a weird fog came rolling in over the solent like a soft fluffy blanket, and with it, an icy wind...P found it hilarious.

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