Mr Leafy is ONE!

6 April 2017

We had a lovely first birthday celebration for our little Mr Leafy recently, just with family...
The first birthday is I think, the most important birthday of your life, your first ever year out in the world, and the year that you will develop and learn the most in your life.
It is also the first ever day that is just for you! Yep, it's a pretty special day I think. So I tried my best to make it as nice as I could, with cake and decorations and all that.

Because it is nearly Easter, which we associate with the ancient celebration of spring, I thought I'd bring a bit of spring into our house. In fact on his birthday, the weather was more like summer!

I found these little eggs in a shop in town, so hidden underneath them is some tiny chocolate eggs!

I cut some branches from our fruit trees (which are undergoing a pruning this year anyways) and they blossomed just in time!

I made a vanilla cake again, which has lots of yogurt and cream cheese involved...I found these animals to put on top which are also toys too, win win!

And I had some of the snaps on my iPhone made in a book, because it's nice to have them to look at easily.

I made some salads and a Leafy pie!

It was so warm that we opened up the doors to the garden. It really was a beautiful sunniest day ever!

He had so many lovely presents, and some beautiful toys all the way from Granny and Granddad in Japan too!
We had the cake outside...

I made a strawberry salad to go with the cake. He looooved it (his first proper cake experience 😂).

My mister made him this amazing little van out of solid silver sheet, which he had engraved with his name...

and the packaging! 😍

Overall, it was the perfect day, with no crying or meltdowns involved, YES!

I cannot fathom that I now have a four year old and a one year old. I will never come to terms with the surreal nature of having children, and that they came from is beyond science fiction, almost dream-like. 
In everyday life we generally take it for granted, but for a few moments each day, I think how magical and otherworldly it is, to have these two little people in our house. My brain starts to heat up just thinking about it, and then I have to go and change a nappy or wipe snot from a nose.

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