yule 2016

28 December 2016

My Mac has decided it doesn't want to be a computer anymore and my work PC is also on a strike for reasons unknown. This has meant that it took me 7 hours to do this blog post, oh joy. I think they are on xmas holidays also. Anyhows, I did manage a sort of post in the end because I wanted to show you what we have been up to for our yule festivities this year.

Little P and I did some painting to make some wrapping paper, this is sort of becoming a bit of a tradition now!

My mister's presents looked so much smarter as usual ; )

My friend Jess, from art college, sent me a beautiful crocheted snowflake that she made and I absolutely love it!, we put it on our tree. She's planning to make some to sell next xmas!

P decorated Mr. Leafy's tree with clay stars that I made a few years ago and a tiny candle too! Cedar candle was made by me 😊

I mentioned before how exciting it is for me to have four chairs at the table this year, so I tried my best to make the table look a bit special for our Yule dinner and welcome our newest member.
I customised some cheap crackers with sprigs of pine and linen sticky tape and wrote our names
on them.

My mister bought these little paper origami crowns for the littluns...

I rummaged through my cupboards and found some little old star baking tines and stuck candles in them. I used an old linen bed sheet as a table cloth, and cut up some linen fabric that I had in my shed to use as napkins!

With some cuttings from the xmas tree and bits from the garden, it sort of began to feel quite festive!

The kiddies had their juice in sherry glasses ; )

and can you believe it, I actually cooked! (btw, that tiny flower was P's table decorations she collected them from her walk).

We had a veggie dinner of stilton and shallot pies and roasted veg and mash and sprouts of course.

 I love this photo of me and P, I'm wondering whether to approve my cooking, and P is wondering how to avoid the sprouts ; )

...But Mr. Leafy loved it all, banging his palms on the table, squeaking and eating up all his dinner!

So that's it folks! The end of the year is nigh, and although it has been mega s*** in so many ways, let us not forget the many lovely little babes that came into the world this year. They are the future, and they will sort the world out!

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