a bit of arundel and hastings

27 November 2016

Some serious lagging in the blog department of late...I have finally got around to downloading all the recent photos from our camera and I present to you, a few posts from the last month.
We went to Arundel and Hastings last month (or the month before I can't remember!). Nao won a new seat for our camper van on ebay and we went to collect it, he thought it was near Brighton so we planned a trip there but actually it was nearer to Hastings! We stayed overnight, we past by Arundel which looked spectacular from the motorway so we pulled over and had a poke around there.
Oh my giddy aunt, what a gorgeous wee town it is. Sort of BBC Christmas Dickens type of a place, if you get my meaning? Wonky houses, antiques shops and cafes everywhere. It is small and overlooked by a magnificent castle.
We happened across the most amazing florist/xmas heaven. I never did see such a xmassy place as this shop, the decorations were amazing! 

someone obviously is very creative here...

We had some lunch and a look about and then it was time to find the hotel.

The next day we had a full day in Hastings. We have been here many times as you may find on this blog. But so many new shops have opened up, so it is always nice to come back and see new things.

With the kids, it was not easy, in fact we pretty much gave up on seeing most of what we wanted to see. Anyhow, we had a lovely time in the end!

We had a few minutes in this amazing shop, until our daughter needed the toilet : (

Sadly this toilet was not in use, shame because she would have loved to try it out.

Everything in this shop was incredible and the building itself was like a museum. Thanks to recommendations from my lovely Instagram friends who told us about this place!

We took in as much as we could in between the whining and arm yanking.

The boats in the boat yard were other worldly, like something ghostly I could imagine them squeaking and groaning on a flat foggy sea, spooky!

Such a totally different kind of coastline to that of the Isle of Wight, very straight and flat!

So that was our little trip to the mainland. It was nice to have an explore and little P loved the hotel so much!...Now we know what to do for her next birthday ; )

p.s. Thanks to my mister Nao for nearly all of these photos! : )


  1. I enjoy reading about your trips- thanks for being real on the traveling with toddlers bit- I love to piddle around shops like this, but don't get to much because of mothering realities!

  2. Excellent pointing and showing skills by P - bravo. X

  3. I really need to come to visit England. You should put up a guide or something on your blog.

  4. had a similar wander around those bits of hastings a couple of years ago. yes, quite an alluring and characterful place. : )

  5. Thanks for the trip. I'm enjoying your Blogg so much.


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