september sun

19 September 2016

When you live in a touristy place, you have to adapt your lifestyle a bit. During the summer school holidays the island population increases by about two thirds, so most businesses work doubly hard during this time. September is the month that a lot of islanders call their summer holiday. When the weather is good, it is the best place to be, empty beaches, quiet roads and peaceful ferries, bliss!
Because of our shop, we couldn't really take much time off so we couldn't wait till september so that we could close our whole business for two weeks! And by lucky hap, we were blessed with some glorious september sun!

We decided to take our caravan over to my mum's garden (she lives in a flat which is part of a large Victorian terrace so the garden is communal). She lives in Ventnor on the Isle of Wight, right on the edge of the cliff over looking the sea.

We had a few dramas getting there so our trip was postponed for a week (!) as our VW camper engine over heated on the way towing the caravan, and then our morris struggled with it too...the next day we bought a modern 4x4, made in Japan, problem solved.

Anyways, we got there, and we had the best time ever! We don't need any expensive holiday abroad, just a nice view and some mild english weather is enough for us ; )

Amazing view, lovely places to eat, beaches to walk to, granny on hand ; ) perfect!
Needless to say, the nippers had a great time.

 I really appreciated the earlier evenings for a cosy fire lit dinner, and it was so warm.

The mornings were pretty spectacular too!

(we still haven't got our actual gas cooker fixed yet, using this portable hob, which is really good by the way!)

So now we can't tow our caravan with our camper van, it looks like we will all have to sleep together (unless we take our tent as well). With the babe in his basket (on the floor) and three of us in a small double bed! I think we should have called the caravan 'sardine tin'. 

A short walk along the seawall towards Bonchurch, there is a new cafe called The Seapot, it is in Wheelers Bay which well know for it's crab fishing, which you can eat at the cafe!

The food was really good there, and such lovely staff too!

Oh I do love this caravan, in fact I could just spend all day pottering about in it. So amazing to lie on that bed with the view of the sea...

Alfresco bathing

porridge served by sister

checking the weather forecast

This is Ventnor beach where I had a nice swim (the sea is much warmer in September).

I grew up in Ventnor so there are lots of nostalgic places that haven't changed much since I was a tot (actually most have improved a lot). I have always loved the Botanic Gardens.

...and Steephill Cove...

So our caravan is going back to the storage barn, and I feel a bit sad about it. Don't want to live in a boring old house! ; )

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